Maison Diptyque's ability to create scents that smell like nothing you've ever experienced before, feel deeply intimate, and allow you to connect to different olfactory worlds is why it is our top choice for our home fragrance.

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Maison Diptyque operates somewhere between timeless excellence and modern sophistication, comfort and newness, creating fragrance perfectly designed for today's luxury perfume taste.

The luxury French fragrance brand was born in Paris in 1961 from the passion of three friends, great admirers of art, history, and beauty: Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant, and Desmond Knox-Leet. Their meeting set off a chain reaction, a creative wave that forever changed the course of the perfume industry and that still spreads today. Maison Diptyque was the first brand to produce scented candles since 1963, becoming a symbol of olfactory décor recognition worldwide.

Having built a cult-like fanbase for its dedication to high-quality craftsmanship using the highest-grade raw materials, each Diptyque scent is a sophisticated narrative, inviting wearers on an olfactory journey through meticulously selected ingredients and harmonious blends.

The scents of Diptyque candles have a strong emotional character, and all Diptyque candles can be mixed and matched when lit together to create an interesting olfactory scenario and make every moment a true luxury.

After more than 60 years since its inception, Maison Diptyque keeps its brand's ethos alive. Beyond just perfumes, it offers a comprehensive array of fragrances and skincare, providing a complete sensory experience and inviting you into enchanting, imaginary worlds, one fragrance at the time.