UNIMATIC skillfully references horology's most historic design milestones while presenting us with modern industrial icons. Their watches are meticulously simple, powerfully functional, and, most importantly, look fantastic on our wrists.

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UNIMATIC watches consistently find their way onto our wrists and become integral parts of our growing watch collections. These timepieces from the Italian brand are the epitome of contemporary classic design. They draw inspiration from the timeless watch icons we all admired growing up, yet seamlessly incorporate these classic themes into modern masterpieces suitable for any watch lover's collection. Pairing vintage looks with Swiss movements, your search for a UNIMATIC watch will introduce you to military-styled field watches, rugged dive watches ready for adventure, and sleek chronographs designed for speed.

Beyond this, UNIMATIC stands out as an industry leader in collaboration, partnering with names like Disney, MoMa, BAit, and even our very own Highsnobiety in their creative endeavors. Though relatively new in the timeline of watchmaking, UNIMATIC has swiftly established itself as a top-notch contemporary watch designer. And it's a bonus that their watches look absolutely stunning on the wrist at an amazing price point.

Established in 2015 by two Milanese natives, Giovanni Moro, and Simone Nunziato, UNIMATIC is an independent Italian microwatchmaker like no other. Their no-nonsense watches present a minimalist, almost Bauhaus-like design, one that takes inspiration from some of the archetypal watches of the '50s from the likes of Blancpain, Rolex, and Omega, and gives it a unique and industrialized twist. Watches like the brand's flagship, the Modello Uno, have become a modern classic. UNIMATIC's designs are strictly numbered and limited in quantities since once a design is sold, it won't be reproduced to give fans of the brand a unique product.