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Our selection of the best fleece jackets on the market - THE essential item in cozy couture fashion. 

Born in the late '70s or early '80s by a company called Malden Mills (rebranded as Polartec after going bankrupt in the 2000s) as a synthetic material meant to mimic wool and create better insulation for rock climbers and backpackers, fleece jackets are great to trap air, naturally repel water (aka stay dry), and let your skin breathe. 

Today, streetwear fleece jackets have become more than just winter essentials. Companies like The North Face, Patagonia, and Supreme, and other outdoor brands have transformed these jackets into must-haves, while other technical brand like ROA have pushed it to new heights of layering opportunities. 

The appeal of a cool fleece jacket lies in their versatility and seemingly endless graphic ideas. From oversized silhouettes decorated with bold graphics to minimalist designs exuding understated elegance, there's a fleece jacket for every winter style moment.

Just imagine yourself wrapped in the snug embrace of our very own HS05 zip-up fleece jacket, a perfect fusion of fuzzy warmth and streetwear aesthetics. 

For those in pursuit of warmth and style this season, the search for the best fleece jacket is just as an exciting adventure as the ones you could do while hiking the great outdoors. But this one is easily achieved from the comfort of your home. 

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