Two decades since the last Bally runway show, the new creative director Rhuigi Villaseñor celebrates Alpine tradition reimagined through a contemporary lens with a California spirit. Just in time for your weekend in the snow in Saint Moritz.

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Established in Switzerland in 1851 in the cellar of Carl Franz Bally’s home, Bally is one of the longest-standing brands in the world famous for championing comfort with fashion and creating the finest quality leather shoes. Today, Bally continues to honor its timeless traditions, subscribing to the belief that quality speaks for itself, and they have expanded their line to include men's and women's accessories, ready-to-wear and eyewear. Whether it’s Reindeer boots, worn by Tenzing Norgay during the first-ever ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, technical Curling shoes worn by the Swiss Olympic team, or the use of AI and 3-D prototyping to inform designs, Bally embraces a multitude of cutting-edge technologies while staying true to their artisanal Alpine craftsmanship.

Now, for his first drop, and two decades since the last Bally runway show, the new Creative Director Rhuigi Villaseñor preserves the Bally Curling model's Swiss alps roots that have made Bally a specific brand in the world of luxury, while also supplying an "Old Time Road" twist. Performing and on-trend, the limited Bally Curling has also won the hearts of those unfamiliar with the sport, thanks to a wide-ranging offering that goes beyond shoes, from the new curling uniform, featuring a fine-weave turtleneck sweater and stylish jogging pants, to cashmere hoodies, vests, and leg warmers. 

A modern flair combines with the timeless elegance of a brand that has made quality, style, and Alpine tradition the cornerstone of its fashion image. A must-have for any after-skiing attire that matters.