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The world of scent is a compelling, evocative experience, and at Highsnobiety, we celebrate the art of olfactory indulgence with our curated selection of candles. These aren't just about creating an ambient atmosphere—they're about embracing a lifestyle and setting a mood that resonates with your personal narrative. 

Venture into Byredo's scented universe, where artisanal craftsmanship and refined olfactory compositions converge. Their candles exude complex and layered aromas, transforming your space into a sensory landscape defined by elegance and depth. 

Discover Laura Welker, a visionary that crafts scent stories imbued with emotion. Welker's candles emanate pure, harmonious fragrances that weave a comforting aura, turning your space into a haven of serenity and warmth. 

Experience the provocative and daring world of 19-69, where each candle is an exploration of eras, cultures, and countercultures. These fragrances transport you on an olfactory journey, painting vivid scentscapes that engage the senses and evoke memories. 

Then there is Malte Van Der Meyden, whose offerings are a celebration of understated sophistication and sublime fragrances. Their candles serve as a testament to the intimate link between scent, emotion, and memory, expertly crafted to immerse your space in an evocative ambiance. 

From subtle to dramatic, earthy to crisp, our range of scented candles brings a depth of fragrances to enrich your surroundings and elevate everyday moments. Explore Highsnobiety's collection and let the transformative power of scent infuse your space with a unique, personalized aura. After all, the right scent can make your space not just a place to exist, but a place to live, breathe, and create your story.

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