Port Tanger

Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the Moroccan city of Tangier, Port Tanger is a luxury eyewear brand offering a distinctive aesthetic that goes beyond your typical sunglasses shape. Tinted lenses, earthy brown frames, and bold silhouettes are their signature looks that are going to make Port Tanger a staple in your accessories rotation. 

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Step into the world of Port Tanger, a luxury brand producing sunglasses with a unique curved frame designed to fit and refine every face shape. 

With that reassurance, you can focus on choosing the style that best suits your personality. Whether you're a fan of rectangular Matrix-inspired designs or you prefer the eternal appeal of oversized frames, Port Tanger currently crafts some of the industry's most impressive sunglasses. 

The brand's diverse range of designs mirrors a well-considered process and takes inspiration from its eponymous Moroccan city, Tangier. 

The Crepusculo model, infused with warm olive and saffron hues, emulates the colors of twilight, while the Saudade's classic form resonates with its name, a Portuguese term for a deep sense of longing or nostalgia. 

Other designs, such as the Mektoub and Yamina, elicit strong ’70s echoes, while the Leila offers a chic black frame perfect for the modern club-goer. 

Each frame is meticulously crafted in Japan and is made with premium materials and lenses, providing 100% UVA/UVB protection. Port Tanger's sunglasses also embody sustainability, being made from cellulose derived from cotton and alcohol, using minimal chemicals.

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