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We love STORY mfg.'s approach to fashion. It is genuine and speaks to the growing environmentally conscious movement in the fashion world. Their use of natural dyes and Eastern embroidery techniques give STORY mfg. an unmistakable and artisanal aesthetic.

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Piece Scarf Slim Multi
Story mfg.Piece Scarf Slim Multi
HK$3,220.00 HKD
Greetings Shirt Moon Resist
Story mfg.Greetings Shirt Moon Resist
HK$4,210.00 HKD
Lush Carpenter Pants Scarecrow Black
Story mfg.Lush Carpenter Pants Scarecrow Black
HK$5,050.00 HKD
Paco Pants Sage Slub
Story mfg.Paco Pants Sage Slub
HK$4,260.00 HKD
Polite Pullover Ochre
Story mfg.Polite Pullover Ochre
HK$5,150.00 HKD
Short On Time Jacket Black Solar Trip
Story mfg.Short On Time Jacket Black Solar Trip
HK$4,460.00 HKD
Short On Time Jacket Patchwork Multi
Story mfg.Short On Time Jacket Patchwork Multi
HK$9,410.00 HKD
Twinsun Cardigan Indigo
Story mfg.Twinsun Cardigan Indigo
HK$5,850.00 HKD
Patchwork Puffer Scarf Multi
Story mfg.Patchwork Puffer Scarf Multi
HK$3,470.00 HKD
Stash Bag Purple Peace
Story mfg.Stash Bag Purple Peace
HK$2,430.00 HKD
Speaking Tree SS Off-White
Story mfg.Speaking Tree SS Off-White
HK$1,140.00 HKD
Brew Hat Purple Peace
Story mfg.Brew Hat Purple Peace
HK$2,080.00 HKD
Flowers and Doorways LS Off-White
Story mfg.Flowers and Doorways LS Off-White
HK$1,140.00 HKD
Greetings Shirt Sampler Black
Story mfg.Greetings Shirt Sampler Black
HK$2,650.00 HKD
HK$5,300.00 HKD
Bridge Shorts Sampler Black
Story mfg.Bridge Shorts Sampler Black
HK$2,080.00 HKD
HK$4,160.00 HKD
Shore Shirt Check Block
Story mfg.Shore Shirt Check Block
HK$1,560.00 HKD
HK$3,120.00 HKD
Saturn Vest Iron Star Scraps Patchwork
Story mfg.Saturn Vest Iron Star Scraps Patchwork
HK$6,440.00 HKD
Short on Time Jacket Brown Double Date
Story mfg.Short on Time Jacket Brown Double Date
HK$4,610.00 HKD
Worf Jacket Star Scraps Patchwork
Story mfg.Worf Jacket Star Scraps Patchwork
HK$5,080.00 HKD
HK$10,160.00 HKD
Greetings Shirt Brown Ground Hugger
Story mfg.Greetings Shirt Brown Ground Hugger
HK$2,180.00 HKD
HK$4,360.00 HKD
Grateful Tee Ecru Inside Outside Time
Story mfg.Grateful Tee Ecru Inside Outside Time
HK$534.00 HKD
HK$890.00 HKD
Keeping Vest Treefall
Story mfg.Keeping Vest Treefall
HK$1,885.00 HKD
HK$3,770.00 HKD
Grateful Tee Yellow
Story mfg.Grateful Tee Yellow
HK$570.00 HKD
HK$1,140.00 HKD
Grateful Tee Beige
Story mfg.Grateful Tee Beige
HK$570.00 HKD
HK$1,140.00 HKD
Grandad Cardigan Indigo
Story mfg.Grandad Cardigan Indigo
HK$2,875.00 HKD
HK$5,750.00 HKD
Twinsun Cardigan Squash Green
Story mfg.Twinsun Cardigan Squash Green
HK$5,950.00 HKD
Twinsun Rollneck Striped Mother Earth Multi
Story mfg.Twinsun Rollneck Striped Mother Earth Multi
HK$5,950.00 HKD

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STORY mfg. believes that fashion is one of the most potent forms of activism. Founded in 2013 by the husband and wife duo Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi, the U.K.-based brand was born out of a desire to take a more authentic, fulfilling, and kind approach to fashion.

The team is dedicated to lowering the climate impact of its clothes — and improving the lives of people who make them. The brand's commitment to sustainability informs both its manufacturing and design processes: STORY mfg. uses natural dyes and natural biodegradable materials in their apparel, while the production process itself is completed by hand, with the brand ethically employing over a hundred tailors, dyers, weavers, and embroiderers.

In this pursuit towards sustainable fashion, there is never a trade-off in quality or aesthetics. With a focus on loose-fit genderless streetwear, STORY mfg. hits in the strange intersection between BODE-style handmade high fashion craft, Online Ceramic’s streetwear dead-head prints, and something your grandmother would have made you if she was a die-hard hippy. The result is a product that simultaneously transcends trends yet feels of-the-moment.