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C.P. Company is why most of us here are obsessed with Italian sportswear. Ever so technical and innovative, we love the brand’s recurring military motif, carefully dyed fabrics, and fashion performance designs.

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Lens Detail Hoodie Black
C.P. CompanyLens Detail Hoodie Black
HK$2,200.00 HKD
Fleece Sweatshirt Ivy Green
C.P. CompanyFleece Sweatshirt Ivy Green
HK$1,830.00 HKD
Eco-Chrome Swim Shorts Drizzle Gray
C.P. CompanyEco-Chrome Swim Shorts Drizzle Gray
HK$1,260.00 HKD
Baseball Cap Black
C.P. CompanyBaseball Cap Black
HK$1,260.00 HKD
Logo T-Shirt Gauze White
C.P. CompanyLogo T-Shirt Gauze White
HK$1,050.00 HKD
Chrome-R Utility Jacket Black
C.P. CompanyChrome-R Utility Jacket Black
HK$6,640.00 HKD
Mercerized Logo T-Shirt Total Eclipse
C.P. CompanyMercerized Logo T-Shirt Total Eclipse
HK$1,050.00 HKD
Chrome-R Overshirt Starlight Blue
C.P. CompanyChrome-R Overshirt Starlight Blue
HK$3,320.00 HKD
Nylon B Crossbody Bag Drizzle Gray
C.P. CompanyNylon B Crossbody Bag Drizzle Gray
HK$1,600.00 HKD
Bermuda Cargo Shorts Total Eclipse
C.P. CompanyBermuda Cargo Shorts Total Eclipse
HK$1,980.00 HKD
Co-Ted Goggle Down Jacket Ivy Green
C.P. CompanyCo-Ted Goggle Down Jacket Ivy Green
HK$5,425.80 HKD
HK$9,043.00 HKD
Ribbed Logo Patch Scarf Black
C.P. CompanyRibbed Logo Patch Scarf Black
HK$512.40 HKD
HK$1,281.00 HKD
Knit Cotton Jumper Olive Night
C.P. CompanyKnit Cotton Jumper Olive Night
HK$1,042.50 HKD
HK$2,085.00 HKD
Rib Knit Wool Balaclava Black
C.P. CompanyRib Knit Wool Balaclava Black
HK$502.40 HKD
HK$1,256.00 HKD
Padded Hooded Jacket Ivy Green
C.P. CompanyPadded Hooded Jacket Ivy Green
HK$4,973.60 HKD
HK$12,434.00 HKD
Chrome-R Overshirt Ivy Green
C.P. CompanyChrome-R Overshirt Ivy Green
HK$2,140.20 HKD
HK$3,567.00 HKD
Quilted Zip Vest Butternut
C.P. CompanyQuilted Zip Vest Butternut
HK$2,637.60 HKD
HK$4,396.00 HKD
Padded Nylon Jacket Olive Night
C.P. CompanyPadded Nylon Jacket Olive Night
HK$4,170.00 HKD
HK$8,340.00 HKD
Mercerized Heavy Jersey Mixed Zipped Vest Green
C.P. CompanyMercerized Heavy Jersey Mixed Zipped Vest Green
HK$924.00 HKD
HK$3,080.00 HKD
Ba-Tic Mixed Crossbody Pack Green
C.P. CompanyBa-Tic Mixed Crossbody Pack Green
HK$1,188.00 HKD
HK$2,970.00 HKD
Kan-D Medium Jacket Green
C.P. CompanyKan-D Medium Jacket Green
HK$8,820.00 HKD
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Logo Print T-Shirt Gauze White
C.P. CompanyLogo Print T-Shirt Gauze White
HK$402.00 HKD
HK$804.00 HKD
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Logo Patch Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Gauze White
C.P. CompanyLogo Patch Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Gauze White
HK$482.40 HKD
HK$1,206.00 HKD
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Lens Detail Hoodie Black
C.P. CompanyLens Detail Hoodie Black
HK$1,368.60 HKD
HK$2,281.00 HKD
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Lens Detail Pant Black
C.P. CompanyLens Detail Pant Black
HK$1,456.80 HKD
HK$3,642.00 HKD
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Eco-Chrome Swim Shorts Black
C.P. CompanyEco-Chrome Swim Shorts Black
HK$556.00 HKD
HK$1,390.00 HKD
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Eco-Chrome Swim Shorts Pink
C.P. CompanyEco-Chrome Swim Shorts Pink
HK$556.00 HKD
HK$1,390.00 HKD

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Caught between futuristic city-scapes and the unpredictable nature of the outdoors, C.P. Company is the Massimo Osti-founded Italian sportswear brand. Engineered clothing that seamlessly merges fashion-forward functionality with timeless designs, C.P. Company’s clothing pulls from performance wear, street fashion, Italian tailoring, military uniforms, classic Italian workwear, and the modern techwear landscape. C.P. Company will look fantastic in your rotation this decade and the next.

Since its founding as Chester Perry Company in 1971, later named C.P. Company, has led the charge in functional clothing. Revered as the father of Italian sportswear, the founder Massimo Osti is also behind the Stone Island clothing label. The iconic Italian brand garnered a following for its functional military-inspired outerwear, such as its "Mille Miglia" jacket, also known as the C.P. Company goggle jacket with two lenses on the hood.

C.P.Company's ever-expanding list of lightweight technical bottoms, minimalistic and utilitarian staples, military-grade shirts, and shell jackets feel ripped out of a dystopian sci-fi movie. Using newly invented and carefully dyed fabrics throughout each collection, the clothing is almost obsessive about innovation and textile creation. The label continues to refresh its cultural cache with big-name collaborations like Barbour, slowthai, Patta, adidas, and more recently, a London-based skate brand Palace.

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