The soul of Bonsai is that of an all-Italian brand, from design to manufacturing,  with one foot in streetwear and the other in contemporary menswear. A creative, cheerful, and wearable brand that for us is perfect for when we want to get noticed, but with style.

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When it comes to Italian fashion, sometimes it isn't always about Milan and its world -amous all-influencing runway shows and luxury houses. Sometimes what's new and fresh happens just south-east of the fashion capital. That is the case for the clothing brand Bonsai, founded in 2014 inside a small store warehouse in the center of Bologna, which was later called the "creativity room," by two friends. The brand takes inspiration from the plant which, in Japanese tradition, requires deep technical knowledge in order to grow strong and healthy, as well as everyday life.

Their collections are bold and colourful and offer its customers a wide range of garments for all occasions requiring a relaxed fit but with a loud statement to it. Combined with their relentless research of Italian fabrics and working with local artisans, Bonsai is one of the most interesting Italian brands to emerge within the past few years.

Besides  their  unique garments decorated with spray dyes and treatments, the Bologna-based brand is also committed to sustainability, especially going against deforestation by collaborating with Zeroco2 to create urban forestry projects throughout Italy.

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