It's fashion without trying to be fashion. Always true to their brand, we commend Gramicci for their techniques, fabrics, and superb Japanese-like silhouettes. We really appreciate the way they do outerwear.

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17 Items

Originally an outdoor lifestyle brand, Gramicci’s unique perspective on technical gear and youthful approach to design has pushed the brand beyond its appeal in the outdoors. Over the past few decades, skateboarders, climbers, and artists alike have been drawn to Gramicci's affordable, well-made, and practically designed products.

Launched in the early '80s, founder Mike Graham wanted to create technical apparel for the burgeoning community of young outdoor explorers in California. Graham became renowned for creating functional clothing that had unique design features, giving him an edge over the competition. In the ‘90s, skaters adopted the brand, bringing it into streetwear prominence. To this day, Gramicci continues to pioneer its own original combinations of fabric weights, weaves, and colors.

Yet, no matter how practical, the brand always manages to create clothing that looks good. Relaxed but rugged, Gramicci has remained a mainstay in streetwear.