Patta is one of Europe's original streetwear brands. The team's work is bold but friendly, inclusive, and diverse. We can't wait to get our hands on Patta's next collaborations.

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Emberton II Multi
Marshall x PattaEmberton II Multi
NOK 2,400.00
Belted Tactical Chino Nine Iron
PattaBelted Tactical Chino Nine Iron
NOK 1,710.00
Acid Washed Swim Shorts Blue Radiance
PattaAcid Washed Swim Shorts Blue Radiance
NOK 1,120.00
Whiskers Jeans Vintage Blue
PattaWhiskers Jeans Vintage Blue
NOK 1,890.00
Jet Bomber Jacket Deep Depths
PattaJet Bomber Jacket Deep Depths
NOK 2,960.00
Classic Washed Cargo Jogging Shorts Morel
PattaClassic Washed Cargo Jogging Shorts Morel
NOK 1,180.00
Classic Washed Crewneck Sweater Morel
PattaClassic Washed Crewneck Sweater Morel
NOK 1,420.00
Always On Top Hooded Sweater Multi
PattaAlways On Top Hooded Sweater Multi
NOK 1,710.00
Some Like It Hot Hooded Sweater Black
PattaSome Like It Hot Hooded Sweater Black
NOK 1,540.00
Ancestors T-Shirt Goat
PattaAncestors T-Shirt Goat
NOK 710.00
Family T-Shirt White
PattaFamily T-Shirt White
NOK 650.00
Healing Hands T-Shirt Lotus
PattaHealing Hands T-Shirt Lotus
NOK 650.00
Black Gold Sun T-Shirt Pirate Black
PattaBlack Gold Sun T-Shirt Pirate Black
NOK 710.00
Classic Zip Up Hooded Sweater Black
PattaClassic Zip Up Hooded Sweater Black
NOK 1,650.00
Script Logo Sport Socks (2-Pack) Black
PattaScript Logo Sport Socks (2-Pack) Black
NOK 350.00
Classic Cardigan Black
PattaClassic Cardigan Black
NOK 1,650.00
Basic Script P T-Shirt Black
PattaBasic Script P T-Shirt Black
NOK 590.00
Basic Pocket T-Shirt Driftwood
PattaBasic Pocket T-Shirt Driftwood
NOK 710.00
Spider T-Shirt Black
PattaSpider T-Shirt Black
NOK 670.00
Basic Pigment Dye Pocket Crewneck Sweater Delicioso
PattaBasic Pigment Dye Pocket Crewneck Sweater Delicioso
NOK 1,330.00
991v2 Pickled Beet
Patta x New Balance991v2 Pickled Beet
NOK 2,960.00
Animal T-Shirt Beetle Green
PattaAnimal T-Shirt Beetle Green
NOK 670.00
Animal T-Shirt Black
PattaAnimal T-Shirt Black
NOK 670.00
Belted Tactical Chino White Pepper
PattaBelted Tactical Chino White Pepper
NOK 1,700.00
Check Car Coat Biking Red
PattaCheck Car Coat Biking Red
NOK 2,420.00
Reflect and Manifest Washed T-Shirt White
PattaReflect and Manifest Washed T-Shirt White
NOK 335.00
NOK 670.00
Loves You Cable Knitted Sweater Pirate Black
PattaLoves You Cable Knitted Sweater Pirate Black
NOK 1,820.00
Spray Camo Waffle Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Multi
PattaSpray Camo Waffle Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Multi
NOK 970.00
Reversible Flap Cap Black
PattaReversible Flap Cap Black
NOK 790.00
Garment Dye Sports Cap Beetle
PattaGarment Dye Sports Cap Beetle
NOK 402.00
NOK 670.00
Contrast Stitch Loose Denim Pants Black
PattaContrast Stitch Loose Denim Pants Black
NOK 1,092.00
NOK 1,820.00
Sun Bleached Jacket Black
PattaSun Bleached Jacket Black
NOK 2,670.00
Respect Football Jersey Cement/White
PattaRespect Football Jersey Cement/White
NOK 665.00
NOK 1,330.00
Desert Flower Camo Jacket
PattaDesert Flower Camo Jacket
NOK 824.00
NOK 2,060.00
“Four Leaf Clover” One Star Pro
Patta x Converse“Four Leaf Clover” One Star Pro
NOK 508.00
NOK 1,270.00
Hoodie Sport Navy
Patta x Tommy HilfigerHoodie Sport Navy
NOK 1,700.00
Sold Out
Basic Hooded Sweater Pearl Blue
PattaBasic Hooded Sweater Pearl Blue
NOK 912.00
NOK 1,520.00

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Patta is one of streetwear's golden children. Founders Edson Sabajo and Guillaume' Gee' Schmidt have taken their genuine love for sneaker culture and cultivated it into one of the most influential retailers in Europe. The Amsterdam-based label is a hotbed of culture, music, and art, attracting the likes of Nike, ASICS, and Converse into their boutique as clients and partners. Often regarded as the best Nike collaborator of all time, you've probably longed to get your hands on a pair of Patta Air Max 1s or Air Jordan 7s. The brand's expanding roster of sneaker must-haves and ever-evolving clothing collections continue to create waves across the streetwear community.

Patta was born out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty. During the rise of the Dutch Hip-Hop scene in the late 90s, Sabajo and Schmidt wanted to provide themselves, as well as their friends and family, with a steady supply of footwear and gear. Shortly into their newfound hobby, the two friends found themselves traveling around the world to obscure sneaker stores to cop large amounts of shoes for the sneaker-hungry Amsterdam community. Patta — a term that means 'shoe' in the two founders' native language of Surinamese — got its start in 2004. The brand quickly rose to prominence over the years, supplying the Dutch community and the rest of Europe with streetwear staples. Converse, adidas, Reebok, KangaROOS, Vans, Puma, New Balance, Awake, and byParra have all made the brand their home.

The creative boutique's team would eventually use its knowledge and love for culture to launch its own in-house brand. Their sneaker collabs are nothing short of legendary. Drops like Patta's ASICS GEL-Respector, Vans Old Skool 'Mean Eyed Cat', and Air Max 1 Parra are sneakers still coveted to this day. When it comes to clothing, Patta has tapped into that same collaborative spirit bringing in the likes of Peter Angelo Simon, Tommy Hilfiger, COOGI, Carhartt WIP, and Emory Douglas to design culturally rich collections. Patta taps into various aspects of LA, NYC, and Amsterdam youth cultures pulling from streetwear, sportswear, and workwear to design their garments. All of it comes together beautifully in the brand's attention-grabbing graphic tees, Brooklyn-like jackets, and performance-inspired staples.