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We believe MediCom produces some of the best collectibles in fashion and art. Our experiences with the brand as collectors and as collaborators have been nothing short of pure fun.

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MediCom’s BE@RBRICK has become one of most coveted collectibles around the world. Highly elusive, the bear-shaped figurine has a thriving cult-following that includes the likes of Pharrell Williams, Vogue's Grace Coddington, and celebrity jewelry designer Ben Baller. Since its inception, the brand has secured a wide array of star-studded creative unions that have bridged the gap between art, fashion, and design. This has turned the adorable pot-belly bear into a symbol of prestige.

The first BE@RBRICK was released in 2001, during the World Character Convention in Tokyo by Medicom Toy, a brand that already has a history of creating pop culture figurines. The bear's now-iconic lego-esque design derives from MediCom's Kubrik toy line and is styled to look like a cartoon bear. The moveable anthropomorphized bear is usually made of plastic with some brands opting for the use of more luxurious materials like in our own crystal Baccarat x Highsnobiety BE@RBRICK.

The original body itself is minimal, acting as a blank canvas for collaborators which include fashion brands and artists like Chanel, KAWS, colette, Mastermind Japan, Daniel Arsham, Readymade, and Bape, to name a few. BE@RBRICK comes in various different sizes: 50% (35 mm), 70% (50 mm), 100% (70 mm), 200% (145 mm), 400% (280 mm) and 1000% (700 mm).

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