We love how unapologetically "Berlin" GmbH is throughout each collection. Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik create clothing that blends right into the city's notorious night-life, yet feels fresh enough to wear out on a casual Tuesday.

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GmbH was born in 2016, and already in the summer of 2017 had its first runway show during Paris Fashion Week, in the spaces of the Institut du monde arabe. An important debut, which came immediately after an equally unexpected and significant recognition: the jury of the prestigious 'Prix LVMH 2017' selected this emerging fashion phenomenon for the shortlist of finalists.

GmbH is a German brand launched by a Berlin-based creative collective. The two founders are Benjamin Alexander Huseby, a Norwegian-Pakistani fashion photographer and artist, and Serhat Isik, a Turkish-German fashion designer. 

A deliberately cold, anonymous acronym that functions as an empty container, to be filled with diverse signs and references. The concept that passes is that of a plastic, fragmented, neutral identity, carefully avoiding restrictive connotations and narratives. In terms of style and aesthetics, it is all about techno and industrial culture; GmbH is immediately associated with the Berlin clubbing scene, with all its synthetic, nocturnal, accelerated, independent and rough flavors. Technical materials, daring and irregular cuts, bold graphic lines, vinyl and high-waisted cargo pants, snow and motocross jackets, multilayer jackets, loose and comfortable unisex dresses, metallic, plush, velvety fabrics, often juxtaposed in contrast.

Gmbh is streetwear designed  between elegance and comfort, sophistication and boldness, functionality and character.

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