BYREDO balances Scandinavian design with accessible fragrances — tailored for just about any situation. Most importantly, BYREDO's blends smell fantastic, making it a prime pick for our daily driver each season.

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Do you remember when a particular smell brought back vivid memories of a time and place you thought you’d forgotten? Byredo’s mission is to get you there again. 

The European luxury brand founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham has the ambition to translate the unique flavor of memories and emotions into products capable of recreating the experiential nature of memories. Ben’s intrigue of the connection between scent and memory started after traveling to his mother's hometown in India, where he was quickly captivated by the aromas of spices and incense. Inspired by this journey, Byredo’s scented candles and perfumes were developed with an understated style, using simple compositions and with the highest quality of raw materials, and it quickly expanded onto other products such as perfume, home, makeup, leather goods, eyewear and accessories.

Ben’s success story is both unlikely and fascinating. Born to an Indian mother and a Canadian father, he grew up between Toronto, New York and Stockholm. Basketball was his first true love and he moved to Europe after college to pursue the professional path. However, due to “technicalities” with his immigration process, his sports contracts had terminated and he was forced to reinvent himself. He decided to go back to art school and discovered a passion for perfumes and fragrances. This newly found passion quickly escalated into seeking out the services of world renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, and founding Byredo in 2006.   

Thanks to his unique background, Ben is considered as an outsider from the rest of the industry. With his unconventional approach he has been able to reinvent the world of luxury perfume through a new and inclusive mindset, where creation is driven by sincerely creative emotions and by expressing a full brand universe in which all senses and aesthetics are authentically involved. 

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