We pack the essentials when we are out on a summer camping trip — a tent, a camping bag, food, water, and our KEEN Sandals.

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Once relegated to the closets of suburban dads everywhere, KEEN's newer, innovative models have caught the eye of the streetwear-obsessed.

Keen, established in 2003 in Portland, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. Initially making waves with a novel protective toe sandal, Keen has since broadened its offerings to include a range of footwear for various outdoor activities and fully cemented its position as one of the best, and most recognizable, footwear brands out there.

The brand champions an eco-friendly approach, using recycled and non-toxic materials wherever possible. Keen’s ethos is built around the idea of encouraging people to engage with the outdoors responsibly, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship and philanthropy through its Hybrid.Care program, which supports various social and environmental causes.

This dedication to sustainability and community support underscores Keen's mission to not only provide durable and comfortable footwear but also contribute positively to the planet and its inhabitants, which also need some great sneakers and sandals to walk with by the way.

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