Maison Margiela

We've experienced Margiela's tradition of playful innovation first-hand in Highsnobiety's collaborations with the brand. They have the unrivaled ability to construct apparel that retains its intrinsic and sentimental value over the years. Margiela won't be leaving our closets any time soon.

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57 Items







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Knit Zip-Up Cardigan Black
Maison MargielaKnit Zip-Up Cardigan Black
1.325,00 €
T-Shirts Three Pack Gray/White/Cream
Maison MargielaT-Shirts Three Pack Gray/White/Cream
540,00 €
Leather Key Ring Black
Maison MargielaLeather Key Ring Black
345,00 €
Padded Stripe Shirt Navy
Maison MargielaPadded Stripe Shirt Navy
1.150,00 €
Tabi Rain Boot Otter
Maison MargielaTabi Rain Boot Otter
890,00 €
Tabi Rain Boot Otter
Maison MargielaTabi Rain Boot Otter
890,00 €
Cordura Backpack Black
Maison MargielaCordura Backpack Black
2.600,00 €
Double-Breasted Trench Coat Black/Washed
Maison MargielaDouble-Breasted Trench Coat Black/Washed
2.190,00 €
5-Pocket Jeans Light Indigo
Maison Margiela5-Pocket Jeans Light Indigo
590,00 €
Logo T-Shirt White
Maison MargielaLogo T-Shirt White
370,00 €
Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Pink
Maison MargielaLong-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Pink
1.150,00 €
Leather Card Holder Thyme
Maison MargielaLeather Card Holder Thyme
260,00 €
Wool V-Neck Sweater Navy
Maison MargielaWool V-Neck Sweater Navy
1.250,00 €
Leather Replica Sneakers Black
Maison MargielaLeather Replica Sneakers Black
490,00 €
T-Shirts Three Pack Cream
Maison MargielaT-Shirts Three Pack Cream
376,00 €
470,00 €
Zip Leather Card Holder Black
Maison MargielaZip Leather Card Holder Black
295,00 €
Leather Pouch Black
Maison MargielaLeather Pouch Black
360,00 €
Hoop Earring Silver
Maison MargielaHoop Earring Silver
270,00 €
Nappa Leather Gloves Chocolate
Maison MargielaNappa Leather Gloves Chocolate
490,00 €
Distressed Wool Crewneck Sweater Multi
Maison MargielaDistressed Wool Crewneck Sweater Multi
1.290,00 €
Leather Card Holder Black
Maison MargielaLeather Card Holder Black
225,00 €
Semi-Polished Earrings Silver
Maison MargielaSemi-Polished Earrings Silver
360,00 €
Logo Cuff Bracelet Silver
Maison MargielaLogo Cuff Bracelet Silver
420,00 €
Distressed Crewneck Sweater Dark Grey
Maison MargielaDistressed Crewneck Sweater Dark Grey
650,00 €
Leather Card Holder Thyme
Maison MargielaLeather Card Holder Thyme
165,00 €
Distressed Wool Sweater Vest Multi
Maison MargielaDistressed Wool Sweater Vest Multi
1.190,00 €
Oversized Check Wool Button-Down Shirt Multi
Maison MargielaOversized Check Wool Button-Down Shirt Multi
1.250,00 €
Alex Hiking Boot Black/Black
Maison MargielaAlex Hiking Boot Black/Black
410,00 €
820,00 €
Mackintosh Crossbody Tech Bag Black
Maison MargielaMackintosh Crossbody Tech Bag Black
340,00 €
680,00 €
Denim Jacket Black
Maison MargielaDenim Jacket Black
545,00 €
1.090,00 €
Knit Zip-Up Cardigan Brown
Maison MargielaKnit Zip-Up Cardigan Brown
495,00 €
990,00 €
Numerical Logo Hoodie Black
Maison MargielaNumerical Logo Hoodie Black
690,00 €
50/50 Sneakers White
Maison Margiela50/50 Sneakers White
345,00 €
690,00 €
Numerical Logo T-Shirt Grey
Maison MargielaNumerical Logo T-Shirt Grey
350,00 €
Knitted Polo Shirt Beige
Maison MargielaKnitted Polo Shirt Beige
395,00 €
790,00 €
Longsleeve Polo Shirt Green
Maison MargielaLongsleeve Polo Shirt Green
595,00 €
1.190,00 €
Rib Tank Top Black
Maison MargielaRib Tank Top Black
145,00 €
290,00 €
Timeless Bracelet Silver
Maison MargielaTimeless Bracelet Silver
245,00 €
490,00 €
Raffia Tote Bag Natural/White
Maison MargielaRaffia Tote Bag Natural/White
360,00 €
450,00 €
Heavy Jersey Logo T-Shirt Blue
Maison MargielaHeavy Jersey Logo T-Shirt Blue
225,00 €
450,00 €
Wool Twill Trousers Navy
Maison MargielaWool Twill Trousers Navy
730,00 €
Instapump Fury Memory Of Black
Reebok x Maison MargielaInstapump Fury Memory Of Black
400,00 €
Question Mid Memory Of Black
Reebok x Maison MargielaQuestion Mid Memory Of Black
200,00 €
400,00 €
Question Mid Memory Of White
Reebok x Maison MargielaQuestion Mid Memory Of White
200,00 €
400,00 €
Zig 3D Storm Memory Of White
Reebok x Maison MargielaZig 3D Storm Memory Of White
200,00 €
400,00 €
Logo Hoodie Black
Maison MargielaLogo Hoodie Black
690,00 €
Tabi Flip-Flops Black
Maison MargielaTabi Flip-Flops Black
350,00 €
Classic Leather Memory Of Black/Footwear White/Black
Maison Margiela x ReebokClassic Leather Memory Of Black/Footwear White/Black
175,00 €
350,00 €

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Past and present, Margiela is one of the most important houses in fashion. The lore and mystery behind the Maison Margiela, paired with its deconstructivist designs and meticulous tailoring, has helped the fashion house solidify its place as one of the most influential brands in avant-garde fashion. Since its inception, the brand has masterfully found ways to reinvent classic garments in a manner that is emotionally and culturally resonant.

Martin Margiela's eponymous brand sprang up in 1988 as a direct counter to the overdesigned garments of the time. From day one Margiela worked to challenge the norm by juxtaposing his unparalleled attention to detail with his deconstructed aesthetic in his collections. This aesthetic is still very much part of the brand today, taking form in imaginative, playful, and sometimes ironic designs. While more subtle design choices, like the now-iconic reverse boxed stitching, have become a symbol of quiet confidence and exclusivity.

Maison Margiela's core design tenet is clothing first. Even more so, much of the designer's appreciation for tailoring is still deeply embedded in the fashion house's men's ready-to-wear. This translates to a high-quality collection of staples, outwear, and knitwear that is ever-evolving and that fit effortlessly on the body.

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