Jil Sander

Lucie and Luke Meier are able to provide cutting-edge menswear that is both sophisticated and elegant. Constant research in fabrics and material make the products very unique.

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48 Items







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Rayon Shorts Black
Jil SanderRayon Shorts Black
550,00 €
Rayon Shorts Espresso
Jil SanderRayon Shorts Espresso
550,00 €
Short-Sleeve Cotton Shirt Pastel Violet
Jil SanderShort-Sleeve Cotton Shirt Pastel Violet
620,00 €
Sweater CN Longsleeve
Jil SanderSweater CN Longsleeve
1.590,00 €
Polo Shortsleeve
Jil SanderPolo Shortsleeve
550,00 €
Tank Top
Jil SanderTank Top
390,00 €
Our New Chain Bracelet 1
Jil SanderOur New Chain Bracelet 1
790,00 €
Polo Shortsleeve
Jil SanderPolo Shortsleeve
450,00 €
Silver-Toned Cubic Necklace
Jil SanderSilver-Toned Cubic Necklace
1.390,00 €
Logo T-Shirt Porcelain
Jil SanderLogo T-Shirt Porcelain
320,00 €
Brass Chain Necklace Silver
Jil SanderBrass Chain Necklace Silver
1.390,00 €
Brushed Mohair Hoodie Hazel
Jil SanderBrushed Mohair Hoodie Hazel
575,00 €
1.150,00 €
Striped Alpaca Wool Sweater Brown/Blue
Jil SanderStriped Alpaca Wool Sweater Brown/Blue
645,00 €
1.290,00 €
Book Tote Medium Black
Jil SanderBook Tote Medium Black
690,00 €
Tangle Small Bag Black
Jil SanderTangle Small Bag Black
650,00 €
Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Coconut
Jil SanderShort-Sleeve T-Shirt Coconut
320,00 €
Zip-Up Blouson Marine
Jil SanderZip-Up Blouson Marine
1.590,00 €
Wool Cardigan Poppy
Jil SanderWool Cardigan Poppy
435,00 €
870,00 €
Down Shirt Jacket Black
Jil SanderDown Shirt Jacket Black
756,00 €
1.890,00 €
Down Jacket Poppy
Jil SanderDown Jacket Poppy
756,00 €
1.890,00 €
Knit Balaclava Aurora Pink
Jil SanderKnit Balaclava Aurora Pink
140,00 €
350,00 €
Logo Turtleneck Pumpkin
Jil SanderLogo Turtleneck Pumpkin
116,00 €
290,00 €
Fleece Hoodie Lemon
Jil SanderFleece Hoodie Lemon
445,00 €
890,00 €
Merino Foulard Cornflower
Jil SanderMerino Foulard Cornflower
128,00 €
320,00 €
Organic Denim Shirt Magnet
Jil SanderOrganic Denim Shirt Magnet
460,00 €
1.150,00 €
Trouser D 09 AW 20 Mahogany
Jil SanderTrouser D 09 AW 20 Mahogany
325,00 €
650,00 €
Logo T-Shirt Black
Jil SanderLogo T-Shirt Black
174,00 €
290,00 €
Zip-Up Long-Sleeve Dark Navy
Jil SanderZip-Up Long-Sleeve Dark Navy
170,00 €
Hooded Sweatshirt Black
Jil SanderHooded Sweatshirt Black
276,00 €
690,00 €
Looking For Miracles T-Shirt Bone
Jil SanderLooking For Miracles T-Shirt Bone
225,00 €
450,00 €
Water-Repellent Cotton Trousers Midnight
Jil SanderWater-Repellent Cotton Trousers Midnight
396,00 €
990,00 €
Logo Jacket Medium Green
Jil SanderLogo Jacket Medium Green
596,00 €
1.490,00 €
Longsleeve Logo T-Shirt Porcelain White
Jil SanderLongsleeve Logo T-Shirt Porcelain White
216,00 €
360,00 €
Solidity Necklace 4 Silver/Black
Jil SanderSolidity Necklace 4 Silver/Black
495,00 €
990,00 €
Yoga Mat Beige
Jil SanderYoga Mat Beige
140,00 €
350,00 €
Tangle Key Ring Black
Jil SanderTangle Key Ring Black
145,00 €
290,00 €
Book Tote Grande Black
Jil SanderBook Tote Grande Black
290,00 €
725,00 €
Link Pouch Nether Red
Jil SanderLink Pouch Nether Red
236,00 €
590,00 €
Belted Shorts Navy
Jil SanderBelted Shorts Navy
267,00 €
890,00 €
Hooded Cotton Overshirt Tobacco
Jil SanderHooded Cotton Overshirt Tobacco
300,00 €
750,00 €
Chain Link Necklace Silver
Jil SanderChain Link Necklace Silver
636,00 €
1.590,00 €
Short-Sleeve Button-Up Green
Jil SanderShort-Sleeve Button-Up Green
550,00 €
Mock Neck T-Shirt White
Jil SanderMock Neck T-Shirt White
140,00 €
Cotton Blend Terry Tank Top Beige
Jil SanderCotton Blend Terry Tank Top Beige
290,00 €
Open Ring Silver
Jil SanderOpen Ring Silver
305,00 €
Square Book Tote Beige
Jil SanderSquare Book Tote Beige
590,00 €
Rib Knit Vest Orange
Jil SanderRib Knit Vest Orange
236,00 €
590,00 €
Sold Out
Nylon Swim Shorts Black
Jil SanderNylon Swim Shorts Black
105,00 €
350,00 €

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Jil Sander is the original master of minimalism. For over 50 years, her eponymous label has been celebrated for its ability to find elegance in simplicity. But don't write this off as something pretentious. This pull towards the understated makes Jil Sander's clothing accessible and contemporary. Hardly basic, a simple mohair sweater or a drapey coat becomes a timeless essential that is imminently wearable and re-wearable over the seasons. Likewise, a Jil Sander's oversized pull-over, pair of technical pants, or workwear overshirt have the power to become your go-to daily drivers. They are staples, undoubtedly, but the luxurious use of high-quality fabrics, stunning color palettes, and playful cuts allow the clothing to easily double as some of your best "understated statement pieces." Jil Sander's is here to remind us that "less" often has much more to offer.

Born in Germany, Jil Sander got her start in textile engineering before launching her brand in the early 1970s. This obsession with fabrics would eventually be a core component of the brand. From day one, Jil Sander's clothing was described as "ostentatiously nondescript," directly contrasting with the decade's over-the-top approach toward fashion. Bold prints and loud designs are not part of Jil Sander's DNA. Rather, luxuriously engineered cashmere, jersey, ventile cottons, silks, and recycled wools are on display — clothing that always feels good to the touch. This unwavering purist design language and dedication to craft would inevitably attract a passionate cult-like following.

Jil Sander herself has not always been at the helm of the label. Over the decade's designers like Raf Simons and Rodolfo Paglialunga have led the brand, with Lucie and Luke Meier leading the artistic direction of the fashion house today. Its new complementary line, Jil Sander+, has created even more hype around the brand, dressing wearers in exactly what they need for the outdoors and those weekend trips outside the city. Mainline Jil will have you covered in clean lines, and appliqué drapey layers fit for winter in Munich. Meanwhile, Jil Sander+ designs to deliver clothing that is beautiful as it is functional — capable of keeping you secure and comfortable even if you trade in paved sidewalks for cabin trails. Both are unified by the brand's approach toward modern luxury.

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