Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran compare their recent collection to an onion. Intending to cater to the current need for protection and comfort, they layer their characteristic relaxed tailoring with wafer-thin, second-skin pieces that'll help you master transitional weather.

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Knit Balaclava Donkey Grey
LemaireKnit Balaclava Donkey Grey
Military Pants Hedge Green
LemaireMilitary Pants Hedge Green
Wrap Scarf Golden Brown
LemaireWrap Scarf Golden Brown
V-Neck Jumper Dark Navy
LemaireV-Neck Jumper Dark Navy
Boxy Blouson Midnight Green
LemaireBoxy Blouson Midnight Green
Medium Croissant Bag Dark Moss
LemaireMedium Croissant Bag Dark Moss
Relaxed Western Shirt Black
LemaireRelaxed Western Shirt Black
Wool V-Neck Sweater Dark Mustard
LemaireWool V-Neck Sweater Dark Mustard
Hoodie Dark Tobacco
LemaireHoodie Dark Tobacco
Puffer Jacket Jet Black
LemairePuffer Jacket Jet Black
Soft Game Bag Dark Chocolate
LemaireSoft Game Bag Dark Chocolate
Twisted Belted Casual Pant
LemaireTwisted Belted Casual Pant
Twisted Belted Pants Green
LemaireTwisted Belted Pants Green
Minimal Western Belt Black
LemaireMinimal Western Belt Black
Easy Pleated Pants Black
LemaireEasy Pleated Pants Black
Short Jacket Black
LemaireShort Jacket Black
Maglite Leather Necklace Black
LemaireMaglite Leather Necklace Black
Envelope Key Ring Pouch Olive Brown
LemaireEnvelope Key Ring Pouch Olive Brown
Easy Pleated Pants Beige
LemaireEasy Pleated Pants Beige
Boxy Jacket Dark Brown
LemaireBoxy Jacket Dark Brown
Crinkled Longsleeve Shirt Aluminum
LemaireCrinkled Longsleeve Shirt Aluminum
Military Overshirt Black
LemaireMilitary Overshirt Black
Pyjama Shirt
LemairePyjama Shirt
Wool Blend Shirt Beige
LemaireWool Blend Shirt Beige
Water-Repellent Bomber Jacket Brown
LemaireWater-Repellent Bomber Jacket Brown
V-Neck Merino Vest Grey
LemaireV-Neck Merino Vest Grey
Convertible Collar Knit Shirt
LemaireConvertible Collar Knit Shirt
Chunky Cardigan
LemaireChunky Cardigan
Ribbed Tank Top
LemaireRibbed Tank Top
Judo Pants
LemaireJudo Pants
Twisted Belted Pants Black
LemaireTwisted Belted Pants Black
Pyjama Shirt Blue
LemairePyjama Shirt Blue
Boxy Cotton Linen Sweater Black
LemaireBoxy Cotton Linen Sweater Black
Chunky Cardigan Beige
LemaireChunky Cardigan Beige
Seamless Jeans Brown
LemaireSeamless Jeans Brown
Regular Collar Short Sleeve Shirt Ivory
LemaireRegular Collar Short Sleeve Shirt Ivory
Seamless Pants Light Taupe
LemaireSeamless Pants Light Taupe

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