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Anchor T-Shirt White
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonAnchor T-Shirt White
NOK 1,580.00
T-Shirt Jo Blue
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonT-Shirt Jo Blue
NOK 1,700.00
Veste Marin Stonewashed Indigo
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonVeste Marin Stonewashed Indigo
NOK 5,450.00
Afternoon Teapot
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonAfternoon Teapot
NOK 1,580.00
Pull Ange Brown
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonPull Ange Brown
NOK 4,850.00
Pull Connor Multi
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonPull Connor Multi
NOK 5,450.00
Morning Mug
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonMorning Mug
NOK 550.00
Echarpe Jolly Multi
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonEcharpe Jolly Multi
NOK 3,030.00
Bonnet Barth Multi
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonBonnet Barth Multi
NOK 1,820.00
Jean Willie H Indigo
A.P.C. x J.W. AndersonJean Willie H Indigo
NOK 3,030.00
Penis Pendant Necklace Silver
J.W. AndersonPenis Pendant Necklace Silver
NOK 4,240.00
Logo Embroidered Baseball Cap Off White
J.W. AndersonLogo Embroidered Baseball Cap Off White
NOK 1,760.00
Penis Pin Phone Pouch Black
J.W. AndersonPenis Pin Phone Pouch Black
NOK 5,450.00
Punk Penis Keyring Black
J.W. AndersonPunk Penis Keyring Black
NOK 2,360.00
Printed Long-Sleeve Top Charcoal
J.W. AndersonPrinted Long-Sleeve Top Charcoal
NOK 1,820.00
JWA Neckband Purple
J.W. AndersonJWA Neckband Purple
NOK 1,820.00
Profile Stud Chest Pocket T-Shirt White
J.W. AndersonProfile Stud Chest Pocket T-Shirt White
NOK 1,520.00
Profile Stud Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt White
J.W. AndersonProfile Stud Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt White
NOK 4,420.00
The Bumper Bag Black
J.W. AndersonThe Bumper Bag Black
NOK 10,790.00
Contrast Zip Front Blouson Grey
J.W. AndersonContrast Zip Front Blouson Grey
NOK 9,090.00
Penis Stud Earring Silver
J.W. AndersonPenis Stud Earring Silver
NOK 2,000.00
Leather Cardholder With Penis Pin Strap Pecan
J.W. AndersonLeather Cardholder With Penis Pin Strap Pecan
NOK 3,510.00
Reclining Stud Back Print Vest Black
J.W. AndersonReclining Stud Back Print Vest Black
NOK 2,360.00
Punk Penis Keyring Mustard
J.W. AndersonPunk Penis Keyring Mustard
NOK 2,850.00
Quarter-Zip Knit Jumper Praline
J.W. AndersonQuarter-Zip Knit Jumper Praline
NOK 6,670.00
Frog Clutch Green
J.W. AndersonFrog Clutch Green
NOK 9,570.00
Relaxed Fit Stripe Shirt Multi
J.W. AndersonRelaxed Fit Stripe Shirt Multi
NOK 5,940.00
Leather Baseball Cap Brown
J.W. AndersonLeather Baseball Cap Brown
NOK 3,510.00
Frog Loafer Green
J.W. Anderson x WellipetsFrog Loafer Green
NOK 4,790.00
Frog Loafer Blue
J.W. Anderson x WellipetsFrog Loafer Blue
NOK 4,790.00
Frog Loafer Yellow
J.W. Anderson x WellipetsFrog Loafer Yellow
NOK 4,790.00
Anchor Patch T-Shirt White
J.W. AndersonAnchor Patch T-Shirt White
NOK 973.00
NOK 1,390.00
Twisted Workwear Trousers Grey
J.W. AndersonTwisted Workwear Trousers Grey
NOK 5,516.00
NOK 7,880.00
Apple Tank Top Yellow
J.W. AndersonApple Tank Top Yellow
NOK 3,784.00
NOK 4,730.00
Half Zip Jumper Black
J.W. AndersonHalf Zip Jumper Black
NOK 5,940.00
Contrast Patch Pocket Oversized Shirt Navy Blue
J.W. AndersonContrast Patch Pocket Oversized Shirt Navy Blue
NOK 1,782.00
NOK 5,940.00
Anchor Patch Contrast Sleeve T-Shirt
J.W. AndersonAnchor Patch Contrast Sleeve T-Shirt
NOK 695.00
NOK 1,390.00
Embroidered Strawberry JWA T-Shirt Black
J.W. AndersonEmbroidered Strawberry JWA T-Shirt Black
NOK 910.00
NOK 1,820.00
Logo Grid Cuff Wide Leg Jeans Black
J.W. AndersonLogo Grid Cuff Wide Leg Jeans Black
NOK 2,515.00
NOK 5,030.00

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Widely recognized as one of the most exciting British designers in fashion today, Jonathan Anderson founded JW Anderson in 2008. After initially focusing on menswear, the label expanded into womenswear in 2010, which ultimately paved the way for Anderson’s gender-bending work, never more recognized than in 2015 when he became the first designer to win both men's and women's brand of the year at British Fashion Council's The Fashion Awards. JW Anderson is best known for its ready-to-wear collections and accessories, offering a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity.