Mizuno is pushing the realms of sports shoes forward while blessing us with some of the most futuristic sneaker silhouettes we have seen on our feet.

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Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1906, Mizuno began as a simple shop selling Western sundries, including baseballs. It was the vision of Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo to enrich life through the power of sports, a philosophy deeply ingrained in the brand's DNA. They soon shifted focus, passionately embracing the manufacturing of sports equipment.

Mizuno's journey is a fascinating tale of innovation and dedication. In the 1920s, they began producing baseball gloves, a move that marked their foray into specialized sports gear. As time went on, Mizuno expanded its expertise to other sports, notably running and golf. Their approach was always grounded in meticulous research and development, leading to products that athletes around the world came to trust.

Their unique Wave technology in running shoes, introduced in the late 1990s, is a prime example of Mizuno's ingenuity. It revolutionized cushioning and stability, offering runners unparalleled support. Mizuno's golf clubs, too, earned acclaim for their precision and craftsmanship, often favored by professionals.

Taking inspiration from the label's history in cutting-edge sportswear, and as our ultimate sign of respect and love for MIzuno, we have produced our own version of the Wave Rider 10. Using its expertise in high-speed runners, the casual sneaker provides all-day comfort alongside our design twists.

Ultimately, Mizuno’s history is a chronicle of a brand's evolution alongside the sports they serve. From sponsoring events to supporting athletes, their journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for sports and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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