Y-3 is adidas’ fashion-forward luxury label made in collaboration with prolific Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. Here, street meets sports style with progressive silhouettes expressed in Yamamoto’s signature design aesthetic and centered around traditional Japanese tailoring.

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In 2003, Yohji Yamamoto and adidas launched the Y-3 collaboration, which has been and remains one of the most original in the world. In fact, the partnership began long before there was any talk of casual sportswear.

When Yamamoto approached adidas, his brand had been in existence for 30 years and was already known as the avant-garde fashion legend, although his enthusiasm for fashion was waning. As he said in 2016, "Fashion had become boring. I thought I was too far away from street fashion. I never saw people wearing my clothes anymore, and that made me feel lonely."

Then New York businessmen started wearing suits and sneakers to work, and all of a sudden this strange combination struck him as surprisingly fascinating. But adidas was not the only sportswear brand Yamamoto loved. In 2015, Yamamoto even called Nike to ask if they were interested but after receiving a quick rejection, he then turned to adidas.

"Initially, we wanted to borrow some striped clothes from adidas for my Fall/Winter 2000-2001 collection," Yamamoto told in an interview back in 2013. "In Japan, the iconic" three stripes "were everywhere and young people wore them even when they went to bed."

At that time, this kind of collaboration was a shock to the industry. However, since the first collection, in which Yohji Yamamoto expresses his interpretation of adidas, Y-3's garments have been a great success. The collections includes oversized pants, hoodies, dresses and jackets, which sport the three-stripe logo and Y-3 lettering. The brand mixes sportswear and streetstyle to perfection, offering a line of clothing, shoes, and accessories that combines the Japanese brand minimalist, avant-garde, and dark fashion style with Adidas technologies.

In Y-3's creations, the construction of garments typical of Yohji Yamamoto stands out, in which simple and functional lines prevail, enhanced by drapes of various fabrics, from hi-tech to more noble ones. The result is an original and extremely practical collection to dress dynamic women and men who work and travel the world.

On the one hand, adidas ensures the comfort and durability of the materials used; on the other hand, Yamamoto thinks about the harmony of shapes and avant-garde design. Y-3 garments are ideal for any age and silhouette, thanks to their understated and elegant character, which never goes out of fashion.

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