Being the bodyguard for a character like Kanye West, you'd be bound to get caught in front of a paparazzi lens on occasion. However West isn't the only one to entrust his well-being to hulking celebrity minder Pascal Duvier, as the German-born judo expert is often seen handling members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, on top of names like Ciara and Katy Perry. In fact Duvier's LinkedIn profile lists him as a "world wide security consultant" for more than 17 different DJs, artists, performers and celebrities.

After we spotted Pascal accompanying Kanye to Vetements FW16 presentation in Paris, we decided to reach out and have him field some questions. Being the professional that he is, Duvier wasn't able to touch on any particular client-related queries, but we made sure to get the lowdown on how he became a bodyguard.

What can you tell us about your diet and workout routine?

My diet consists of eating everything. Lots of fish and meat, fruit, pasta, rice, bread, and of course cake. I work out a lot and I need fuel to feed my body. Working out is essential for me, I love working out every day, and the most important thing is to switch up my routine.

Do you practice certain exercises that are specifically for bodyguards?

The most essential muscle a bodyguard should train is his brain. You study everything; every move, your surroundings. I always pay attention to details and body language.

Do you have any role models in the bodyguarding industry?

You do meet colleagues, and of course you need to be open-minded to learn from others. But you learn from a security guard at an office as much as you learn from highly qualified executive protection officers.

How and why did you first get involved in judo?

A friend of my parents suggested it since my mother was against me being a boxer like my father. I went to a class to see it, and I liked it right away. That was in 1979.

What about bodyguarding?

I started in the German army. At the time it was mandadory to enlist in Germany and I thought it was a good idea to do something for your country.

Are you allowed to dress however you want when bodyguarding? How do you pick your uniform?

Obviously you represent yourself with your own dress code. Tastes are different, that's why I prefer to wear neutral colors. Black is my option since I'm mainly with musicians, and if I'm at a show on stage I don't want to be the guy standing out with a white shirt against a dark background.

Can you tell us what you carry in your fanny pack?

I could, but then I would have to break your arms and cut your tongue out so you don't tell anyone. Still interested?

Do you have any favorites from Kanye's YEEZY line?

I'm not a fashionista. I can say his shoes are comfortable and I do like the YEEZY 350s and the 950s in black or dark grey.

  • Photographer:Eva Al Desnudo /

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