Gracefully treading the line between sneakers and boots, lifestyle, and specialist, Italian hiking brand ROA has quickly become one of our fashion’s favorite outdoor brands, thanks to its ability to balance the need for durable and trail-ready footwear without giving up on style.

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ROA, a fledgling outdoor footwear brand, has its roots steeped in an exciting journey that began with a meeting between the creative maestros of Italian retailer Slam Jam and technical footwear savant Maurizio Quaglia. This collaboration sparked in 2015, soon sparked into a thriving venture, shaping an outdoor brand that flawlessly balances the need for aesthetic appeal and functional pragmatism. 

Despite being a relatively fresh player in the field, ROA's remarkable approach to design and attention to detail has quickly set it apart. The brand’s ethos is a homage to the spirit of the outdoors - an homage that champions durability without compromising style. 

ROA’s footprints are etched in the tracks of trendsetting fashion, with gorp-core, one of the industry's most enduring trends, serving as a driving force behind all of what they are about. Even though it's been only a few years since its inception, ROA has managed to carve a niche with its distinctive hiking-inspired footwear. This trend, a testament to the brand's ability to forecast and shape fashion currents, continues to be a prevailing force, as hiking-inspired aesthetics show no signs of waning. 

However, its high-profile collaborations truly solidify ROA's place in the fashion landscape. Aligning with like-minded brands and designers, ROA has successfully amplified its voice and visibility in the industry. Each collaboration, such as the one with Vibram, J.L-A.L, combines unique design philosophies, echoing the brand's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. 

As we look toward the future, we anticipate an exhilarating trajectory for ROA. Given its roots, vision, and undeniable appeal, we can only expect the brand to push the envelope further, continuing to revolutionize outdoor footwear with its harmonious blend of form and function.

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