Human Made

Founded by NIGO in 2010 as a side project to A Bathing Ape, Human Made has become an absolute benchmark in the streetwear universe. From the playful to the fashionable, Human Made is a fashion brand as much an inspired thought epitomizing what streetwear culture is all about. 

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19 Items

Human Made, a brand that epitomizes the merging of street culture and vintage Americana was founded in 2010 by the iconic Japanese designer NIGO, known for his revolutionary work with A Bathing Ape (BAPE), Human Made is his ode to a passion that blends the past with the present in an exceptional streetwear dialogue.

NIGO's journey with Human Made is very different from his BAPE days, marking a shift from overtly street-centric to a more nuanced, heritage-inspired approach. Human Made’s ethos is woven around high-quality, vintage reproductions, deeply resonating with NIGO’s admiration for classic, old-school American style.

The brand’s aesthetic is a captivating mix of utilitarian workwear, varsity vibes, and playful prints, extending to unique pieces like bowling shirts. The signature heart logo and other motifs on sweaters, blazers, and trousers speak to the recognizability of the brand. This distinctiveness extends to Human Made's retail spaces in Japan, where the industrial, minimalist design tells a story as compelling as the clothing itself.

Human Made's collaborations add to the magic. From redefining classic Adidas Originals sneakers with a touch of whimsy to capsule collections with Girls Don’t Cry, the brand continually reimagines streetwear. NIGO's vast collection of pop culture memorabilia influences these partnerships, infusing each piece with a narrative that's both personal and universally appealing.

Human Made is a brand where every piece tells a story, every design is a conversation, and every collection is a bridge between eras.

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