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The Porter-Yoshida & Co. bags that we own look just as good as they did five years ago — easily, one of our favorite go-to bags year-round.

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33 Items







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Bicycle Chain (L) Gold
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Bicycle Chain (L) Gold
225,00 €
Senses Tool Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Senses Tool Bag Black
515,00 €
Bicycle Keychain (S) Gold
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Bicycle Keychain (S) Gold
140,00 €
Porter-Yoshida & Co.TANKER BACKPACK
375,00 €
Tanker Short Helmet Bag (S) Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Short Helmet Bag (S) Black
285,00 €
Tanker 2-Way Duffle Bag (S) Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker 2-Way Duffle Bag (S) Black
515,00 €
Tanker Clip Shoulder Bag Sage Green
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Clip Shoulder Bag Sage Green
260,00 €
HOWL Bonsac Mini Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.HOWL Bonsac Mini Black
265,00 €
Fork 2-Way Tote Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Fork 2-Way Tote Bag Black
620,00 €
Tanker Waist Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Waist Bag Black
215,00 €
Tanker Shoulder Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Shoulder Bag Black
200,00 €
Sacoche Screen Shoulder Bag Orange
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Sacoche Screen Shoulder Bag Orange
140,00 €
Tanker Wallet Green
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Wallet Green
140,00 €
Screen Front Side Bag Orange
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Screen Front Side Bag Orange
210,00 €
Sacoche Hybrid Shoulder Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Sacoche Hybrid Shoulder Bag Black
130,00 €
Heat Messenger Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Heat Messenger Bag Black
425,00 €
Tanker Day Pack Green
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Day Pack Green
480,00 €
Flex 2-Way Tote Bag Grey
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Flex 2-Way Tote Bag Grey
175,00 €
Tanker Wallet Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Wallet Black
140,00 €
Heat Sling Shoulder Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Heat Sling Shoulder Bag Black
325,00 €
Grizzly Bear
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Grizzly Bear
420,00 €
Screen Front Side Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Screen Front Side Bag Black
210,00 €
Sacoche Screen Shoulder Bag Green
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Sacoche Screen Shoulder Bag Green
140,00 €
Tanker Document Case Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Document Case Black
235,00 €
Tanker Shoulder Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Shoulder Bag Black
280,00 €
Heat Tote Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Heat Tote Bag Black
335,00 €
Tanker Clip Shoulder Bag Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Clip Shoulder Bag Black
260,00 €
Joint Key Holder Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Joint Key Holder Black
90,00 €
Tanker 2-Way Briefcase Sage Green
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker 2-Way Briefcase Sage Green
385,00 €
Balloon Sac Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Balloon Sac Black
300,00 €
Tanker Day Pack Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Day Pack Black
480,00 €
Tanker 2-Way Briefcase Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker 2-Way Briefcase Black
385,00 €
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Tanker Rucksack Black
Porter-Yoshida & Co.Tanker Rucksack Black
340,00 €

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What sets Porter Yoshida bags apart from the rest is their commitment to excellence at every stage of production. Each bag is a masterpiece crafted in Japan by skilled artisans who pay great attention to detail. The brand's philosophy, "Heart and Soul in Every Stitch," promoted by the founder, is not just a slogan but a deeply ingrained ethos. This dedication to quality is evident in the superior materials used, including high-grade nylon, canvas, and leather, ensuring each bag is not just aesthetically pleasing but also robust and long-lasting.

Porter Yoshida & Co is a Japanese brand founded in 1962 by Kichizo Yoshida, whose handbags and accessories are made from strong and durable materials and feature minimal design. Fully following the "one stitch all soul" philosophy promoted by the founder, Porter Yoshida & Co showcases the excellence of luxury declined in innovative and timeless lines simultaneously.

Porter Yoshida’s range is vast, including everything from backpacks and briefcases to wallets and travel accessories. Each collection reflects a unique theme and functionality, yet all share the brand's signature blend of simplicity and sophistication. The "Tanker" series, inspired by the MA-1 flight jacket, is particularly notable for its iconic orange lining and sleek, urban design.

Despite their global appeal, Porter Yoshida bags are still holding on to a level of exclusivity, a nod to the brand's commitment to quality over mass production.