Stockholm Surfboard Club

Inspired by years of surfing culture, former Acne Studio alumni Manne Haglund Glad and Anton Edberg, created Stockholm Surfboard Club to give us some of the most laid-back and attractive staples for our spring and summer wardrobe.

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Stockholm Surfboard Club, founded by Manne Haglund Glad, bridges the gap between surf culture and fashion. Starting with surfboard craftsmanship, the brand evolved to include a unique clothing line influenced by vintage surfboard graphics and vibrant, kitsch designs.

Despite its surf roots, the label stands out in the Scandinavian fashion scene with its bold, colorful collections that defy regional minimalist norms. Glad's background in surfboard creation and experience at Acne Studios has significantly shaped the club's innovative approach to both surf equipment and apparel, making it a notable player in both industries.

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