We love Simon's world. His way of curating a never-ending summer with products is amazing. He makes everyone feel sexy and relaxed.

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Le Haut Polo Dark Green
JACQUEMUSLe Haut Polo Dark Green
$675.00 CAD
Le Polo Belo Dark Green
JACQUEMUSLe Polo Belo Dark Green
$960.00 CAD
La Casquette Jacquemus Beige
JACQUEMUSLa Casquette Jacquemus Beige
$151.00 CAD
Le Chiquito Homme Light Brown
JACQUEMUSLe Chiquito Homme Light Brown
$831.00 CAD
Le Cuerda Horizontal Black
JACQUEMUSLe Cuerda Horizontal Black
$831.00 CAD
Le Cabas Cuerda Black
JACQUEMUSLe Cabas Cuerda Black
$891.00 CAD
La Casquette Artichaut Khaki
JACQUEMUSLa Casquette Artichaut Khaki
$167.00 CAD
Le Bob Artichaut Black
JACQUEMUSLe Bob Artichaut Black
$197.00 CAD
La Maille Seville Beige
JACQUEMUSLa Maille Seville Beige
$728.00 CAD
$1,040.00 CAD
Le T-Shirt Gros Grain Black
JACQUEMUSLe T-Shirt Gros Grain Black
$270.00 CAD
Le Pull Jacquemus Light Beige
JACQUEMUSLe Pull Jacquemus Light Beige
$1,020.00 CAD
Le T-Shirt Gros Grain Gray
JACQUEMUSLe T-Shirt Gros Grain Gray
$270.00 CAD
Le Pantalon Piccinni Black
JACQUEMUSLe Pantalon Piccinni Black
$482.50 CAD
$965.00 CAD
La Doudoune Cocon Black
JACQUEMUSLa Doudoune Cocon Black
$1,125.00 CAD
$2,250.00 CAD
L'écharpe Moisson Multi/Navy
JACQUEMUSL'écharpe Moisson Multi/Navy
$315.00 CAD
La Banane Bambimou Brown
JACQUEMUSLa Banane Bambimou Brown
$1,240.00 CAD
La Maille Pavane Off-White
JACQUEMUSLa Maille Pavane Off-White
$890.00 CAD
La Cagoule Casquette Off-White
JACQUEMUSLa Cagoule Casquette Off-White
$295.00 CAD
L'écharpe Neve Off-White
JACQUEMUSL'écharpe Neve Off-White
$207.00 CAD
$345.00 CAD
La Chemise Boulanger Blue Stripes
JACQUEMUSLa Chemise Boulanger Blue Stripes
$800.00 CAD
Le Polo Maille Ola Multi-Black
JACQUEMUSLe Polo Maille Ola Multi-Black
$635.00 CAD
Le Bob Neve Off-White
JACQUEMUSLe Bob Neve Off-White
$120.00 CAD
$300.00 CAD
Le Bonnet Neve Pink
JACQUEMUSLe Bonnet Neve Pink
$120.00 CAD
$240.00 CAD
Le Bonnet Neve Off-White
JACQUEMUSLe Bonnet Neve Off-White
$240.00 CAD
Le Porte Jacquemus Black
JACQUEMUSLe Porte Jacquemus Black
$340.00 CAD
Le Porte Poche Meunier Black
JACQUEMUSLe Porte Poche Meunier Black
$560.00 CAD
La Chemise Criollo Print Toile De Jouy Blue
JACQUEMUSLa Chemise Criollo Print Toile De Jouy Blue
$374.00 CAD
$935.00 CAD
La Maille Carro Multi-Red
JACQUEMUSLa Maille Carro Multi-Red
$740.00 CAD
Le Caleçon Print Dark Red Deformed Check
JACQUEMUSLe Caleçon Print Dark Red Deformed Check
$145.00 CAD
Le Bob Neve Pink
$150.00 CAD
$300.00 CAD
Le Débardeur Caraco White
JACQUEMUSLe Débardeur Caraco White
$90.00 CAD
$180.00 CAD
La Casquette Jacquemus Brown
JACQUEMUSLa Casquette Jacquemus Brown
$130.00 CAD
Le Short Meio Dark Brown
JACQUEMUSLe Short Meio Dark Brown
$635.00 CAD
Le Debardeur Macio Beige
JACQUEMUSLe Debardeur Macio Beige
$190.00 CAD
$380.00 CAD
Le Maillot Pingo Blue
JACQUEMUSLe Maillot Pingo Blue
$85.50 CAD
$285.00 CAD
Le Polo Neve Beige
JACQUEMUSLe Polo Neve Beige
$444.00 CAD
$740.00 CAD
La Chemise Boulanger Black
JACQUEMUSLa Chemise Boulanger Black
$1,025.00 CAD
Le Short Rond Carre Black
JACQUEMUSLe Short Rond Carre Black
$680.00 CAD
La Chemise Jean White
JACQUEMUSLa Chemise Jean White
$440.00 CAD
Le Debardeur Macio Red
JACQUEMUSLe Debardeur Macio Red
$380.00 CAD
Le Gadju Black
$530.00 CAD
Le Bonnet Neve
$255.00 CAD
Le Cargo Marrone
JACQUEMUSLe Cargo Marrone
$1,020.00 CAD
La Doudoune Chemise
JACQUEMUSLa Doudoune Chemise
$693.00 CAD
$2,310.00 CAD
Le T-Shirt Jacquemus Beige
JACQUEMUSLe T-Shirt Jacquemus Beige
$145.00 CAD
La Maille Pescadou Brown
JACQUEMUSLa Maille Pescadou Brown
$680.00 CAD
Sold Out
Les Chaussettes Moisson Multi Khaki
JACQUEMUSLes Chaussettes Moisson Multi Khaki
$60.00 CAD

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We're living in the age of Jacquemus. Whether you’ve encountered the brand through its fashion shows, held in picturesque lavender and wheat fields, or seen Simon Porte Jacquemus's creations up-close, it’s clear that the designer has tapped into something special.

Jacquemus pours his deeply personal story straight into his clothing while pulling from South France's rich art, tourism, and fashion history. His garments are unmistakably French — channelling Provencial romance with beautifully tailored, and luxuriously understated pieces. Jacquemus's bright beach-friendly oversized shirts, massive raffia hats, geometric knitwear, farm-ready workwear, and cheeky leather accessories have all become a mainstay on our wishlists. It's hard not to feel happy, optimistic, and the best-looking version of yourself when wrapped in the brand.

The eponymous label started in 2009 when Simon was only 20, as an ode to his late mother's style and spirit. With little formal training, the designer quickly made a name for himself using mock fashion protests outside the show venues of big-name brands. His sunny disposition, love for art, and unapologetic, honest, and personal celebration of his native South of France would eventually attract the support of big-name players like Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe. These same French references, conceptual designs, and knack for attracting attention helped Jacquemus take home a finalist spot and a special award at the LVMH Prize in 2014 and 2015.

In the Jacquemus universe, you are either headed to the Mediterranean sea for the summer or dressed for a weekend trip to the countryside. You might come across relaxed linen jackets that incorporate 1950s architectural movements, 80s beachwear glamour, traditional French workwear essentials but with a twist, and painted structured staples that directly incorporate art history. However, it would almost be silly not to mention the rise of the brand's leather accessories, specifically the viral Le Chiquito — a micro bag that throws function to the wind, becoming an Instagrammable status symbol. This has all propelled Simon to the top of the fashion world, garnering critical acclaim and a diverse, passionate fan base.

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