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Super Milled Sweat Pants Brown
AuraleeSuper Milled Sweat Pants Brown
CHF 385.00
Double Knee Pant Black/Rinsed
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Black/Rinsed
CHF 150.00
Relaxed Cargo Pants Olive
Winnie New YorkRelaxed Cargo Pants Olive
CHF 800.00
Le Pantalon Piccinni Black
JACQUEMUSLe Pantalon Piccinni Black
CHF 870.00
Fluid Jersey Baggy Pants Black
Marine SerreFluid Jersey Baggy Pants Black
CHF 570.00
Regenerated Denim Straight Leg Pants Blue
Marine SerreRegenerated Denim Straight Leg Pants Blue
CHF 1’290.00
Lush Carpenter Pants Scarecrow Black
Story mfg.Lush Carpenter Pants Scarecrow Black
CHF 695.00
Paco Pants Sage Slub
Story mfg.Paco Pants Sage Slub
CHF 585.00
Duck Painter Pants Olive Drab
Human MadeDuck Painter Pants Olive Drab
CHF 540.00
Wide Drawstring Pants Black
Human MadeWide Drawstring Pants Black
CHF 435.00
Ed Unlined Drawstring Trousers Black
Meta Campania CollectiveEd Unlined Drawstring Trousers Black
CHF 800.00
Twist Seam Tailored Trouser Black/White
Martine RoseTwist Seam Tailored Trouser Black/White
CHF 750.00
Double Knee Pant Hamilton Brown/Rigid
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Hamilton Brown/Rigid
CHF 175.00
Jet Cargo Pant Cypress/Rinsed
Carhartt WIPJet Cargo Pant Cypress/Rinsed
CHF 190.00
Double Knee Pant Tobacco/Rinsed
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Tobacco/Rinsed
CHF 150.00
Double Knee Pant Zeus/Rigid
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Zeus/Rigid
CHF 175.00
Rider Leather Denim Mix Pants Black
KUSIKOHCRider Leather Denim Mix Pants Black
CHF 985.00
Double Knee Pant Black
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Black
CHF 205.00
Pleated Twill Pants
Puma x NoahPleated Twill Pants
CHF 225.00
Brushed Nylon Trackpants Navy
NTS x HighsnobietyBrushed Nylon Trackpants Navy
CHF 220.00
Brushed Nylon Trackpants Green
NTS x HighsnobietyBrushed Nylon Trackpants Green
CHF 220.00
Knit Track Pant Mystery Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Track Pant Mystery Brown
CHF 330.00
WRKS Jogger Washed Black
AFFXWRKSWRKS Jogger Washed Black
CHF 260.00
Transit Pant Shade Green
AFFXWRKSTransit Pant Shade Green
CHF 300.00
Y Belt Leather Pants Black
Y/ProjectY Belt Leather Pants Black
CHF 855.00
Biker Trousers With Exposed Zips Black Grey
GmbHBiker Trousers With Exposed Zips Black Grey
CHF 655.00
Double Knee Pant Green
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Green
CHF 119.00
Softshell EQT Cargo Pant Tech Gray
GramicciSoftshell EQT Cargo Pant Tech Gray
CHF 280.00
Cavaty Pants Dark Grey
_J.L-A.L_Cavaty Pants Dark Grey
CHF 540.00
Military Pants Hedge Green
LemaireMilitary Pants Hedge Green
CHF 750.00
Mount Cargo Black Canvas
Our LegacyMount Cargo Black Canvas
CHF 515.00
Reduced Trouser Black Pseudo Knit
Our LegacyReduced Trouser Black Pseudo Knit
CHF 410.00
Geodesic Shell Pants Sepia Brown
The North Face x UNDERCOVERGeodesic Shell Pants Sepia Brown
CHF 610.00
Cargo Pant Deep Green
GramicciCargo Pant Deep Green
CHF 205.00
Gadget Pant Tobacco
GramicciGadget Pant Tobacco
CHF 190.00
Canvas Easy Climbing Pant Dusty Greige
GramicciCanvas Easy Climbing Pant Dusty Greige
CHF 225.00
Corduroy Utility Pant Mocha Beige
GramicciCorduroy Utility Pant Mocha Beige
CHF 225.00
Denim Loose Cargo Pant Dark Indigo
GramicciDenim Loose Cargo Pant Dark Indigo
CHF 245.00
Corduroy Loose Cargo Pant Dark Green
GramicciCorduroy Loose Cargo Pant Dark Green
CHF 240.00
Corduroy Utility Pant  Black
GramicciCorduroy Utility Pant Black
CHF 225.00
Kola Trackpants Brown/Ivory
Wales BonnerKola Trackpants Brown/Ivory
CHF 630.00
Belted Tactical Chino White Pepper
PattaBelted Tactical Chino White Pepper
CHF 190.00
Digi Washed Cargo Pants Multi/Spray Camo
PattaDigi Washed Cargo Pants Multi/Spray Camo
CHF 210.00
Five-Pocket Cargo Denim Black
TrussardiFive-Pocket Cargo Denim Black
CHF 365.00
Loose Fit Jeans 2021 Yellow/Blue
Acne StudiosLoose Fit Jeans 2021 Yellow/Blue
CHF 545.00
Denim Trompe L'oeil Jeans Black/Gray
Jean Paul GaultierDenim Trompe L'oeil Jeans Black/Gray
CHF 885.00
Jean Printed With 325 Indigo
Jean Paul GaultierJean Printed With 325 Indigo
CHF 750.00
OG Single Knee Pant Wax/Blacksmith/Stone Washed
Carhartt WIPOG Single Knee Pant Wax/Blacksmith/Stone Washed
CHF 139.00

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Dive into the world of style and comfort with our diverse selection of pants at Highsnobiety, the bedrock of any modern wardrobe. Each pair is a testament to the transformative power of this staple piece, bringing out the best in your style, no matter the setting.

Our catalog showcases a spectrum of designs, from casual denim and comfortable joggers for your laid-back days to polished chinos and tailored trousers that elevate your office and evening outfit. The versatility of our collection lies in its curated blend of trusted favorites and upcoming fashion disruptors, offering an array of fits, colors, and materials to match your unique style persona.

Explore the minimalist aesthetic of Acne Studios, experience the rugged appeal of Carhartt WIP, or tap into the relaxed vibes of Abc. Maybe you prefer the cutting-edge design of A-COLD-WALL* or the intricate detailing of BODE? No matter your preference, our selection ensures you can find a pair that resonates with your style ethos.

In the landscape of fashion, pants hold a vital role, acting as the canvas upon which you create your style masterpiece. Let Highsnobiety's selection of pants guide you towards your perfect outfit.

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