It’s streetwear but without any of the loud logos and branding. For us, Abc. 123 pushes the boundaries of what simplicity and versatility combined can achieve - resulting in wardrobe staples that are seasonless and designed to last a lifetime - in essence, a must-have.

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At the origin of Abc. 123 - acronym for Advisory Board Crystals - is a love story. A love story started by the founders Remington Guest and Heather Haber born to pursue a very clear mission: to translate the power of crystals into exclusive and unique garments. The Californian brand's aesthetic is rooted in the relaxed, spiritual atmosphere of the city of Los Angeles, and offers unusual ideas inspired by nature with custom garments of excellent workmanship that are made to last.

Starting with monochromatic watercolor hoodies to relaxed lounge pants and bucket hats, Abc.123 instead, the sub label of Advisory Board Crystals that launched in January 2021, is about simplicity and quality, and overturns the rules of flashy streetwear by creating unique ready-to-wear garments that always look to challenge convention,. Staying warm and comfortable is their priority, and easily layering matching any outfit the versatility you need for every occasion, especially for summer dressing.

By conveying some of the most relevant aesthetics of today’s streetwear landscape with a light-hearted and inclusive approach, in the short span of just 5 years, Advisory Board Crystals has amassed a cult-like following. 

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