Imagine British street culture combined with unconventional tailor and streamlined designs. From essentials to active wear garments, A-Cold-Wall* is dressing us with an utilitarian and technical style that has quickly become a must-have in our all-year-round rotations. 

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15 Items

The way Samuel Ross's A-COLD-WALL* approaches color, shape, and fabric is closer to haute couture than it is to typical streetwear. Yet, clothing from the label never feels out of reach, consciously tethered to Britain's working class and youth culture. The brand's vision is contemporary, functional, and utilitarian, with detailing and innovative techniques taking center stage on each garment. It's not uncommon to find protective utility vests, tailored tracksuits, overlocked knitwear, screen-grabbing graphics, and hard-wearing materials borrowed from harsh environments. One thing is for sure, very few pieces in your current rotation will match A-COLD-WALL*'s precise eye for detail.

Ross launched A-COLD-WALL* in 2015, after receiving mentorship from Virgil Abloh.. In a relatively short period of time, Ross has stepped forward as one of the most exciting voices in fashion because of his unique ability to merge social consciousness with multidisciplinary material innovation. A-COLD-WALL* itself operates as a direct response to Britain's social climate and divisive class system. As a result, each engaging fashion show offers some social commentary. Ross takes this a step further in his conceptual designs, pulling from everyday working professions in each collection and obsessing over the textiles used in his creations. The end result is clothing that is heavily inspired by workwear with layers of brutalism and industrial design. Reflectively piped nylon bombers, deceptively minimal vegetable-dyed fleece, or software-inspired hand-printed trench coats are some of the fun ways Ross's perspective takes form.

A-COLD-WALL* continues to evolve with each highly coveted release, constantly stripping back and reducing while venturing into new techniques. Collaborations with Daniel Arsham, Nike, fragment design, and Dr. Martens have helped the brand explore the functional and conceptual further, attracting a new wave of fans to the brand. A-COLD-WALL* is one of the few labels that rightfully deserve all of the hype it has been getting over the years.