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The Swedish label is known for its amazing fabric sourcing and timeless approach to design, season after season. We have been in love with their raw silk shirts for many years.

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It's always a good year to be an Our Legacy fan. The Swedish independent label has consistently blessed us with effortlessly cool seasonal collections whilst remaining committed to delivering strong collaborations throughout the year. Clothing from the brand works seamlessly as standalone items or as the layered building blocks of top-to-bottom looks, thanks to the label's subtle detailing, custom-developed fabrics, and obsession with sustainable quality. An Our Legacy fuzzy alpaca cardigan, black milled varsity jacket, or recycled parka will make even the chilliest winters much more bearable, giving your wardrobe a few style points in the process. Meanwhile, its Spring-ready Harrington-style jackets, boxy short sleeves, and techwear trunks will keep you aptly fitted for whatever the season throws at you. It's safe to say that Our Legacy is going to be one of your favorite go-to's in your rotation.

Our Legacy was launched in 2005 in Stockholm by the trio Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying, and Richardos Klarén. Early fans were drawn to the label for its intricate attention to detail and oversized and fitted designs that blurred the lines between gender, streetwear, sports, and classic tailoring. With color and fabric being its primary focus, our Legacy often feels both familiar but progressive. You can easily find the perfect chunky deconstructed coat, or precisely fitting tracksuit, and everything in between. Even more so, Our Legacy has made a sincere push for sustainability within their designs and industry. It's common to find entire collections produced out of recycled materials at its Our Legacy's Workshop sub-label.

No matter what you select from the brand, garments will be minimal but made with an intricate level of finishing. Flawlessly executed collaborations with Stüssy, Satisfy, and Byredo Byproduct. have pushed the brand deeper into culture, expanding its cult-like following.