We fell in love with Emily Bode's refreshing take on design instantly. BODE's repurposing of old fabrics creates an air of timelessness to their garments, ensuring that you are always beautifully dressed no matter what season.

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State Seal Short-Sleeve Shirt Multi
BodeState Seal Short-Sleeve Shirt Multi
$725.00 USD
Alpine Pullover Yellow
BodeAlpine Pullover Yellow
$1,025.00 USD
Guam Short-Sleeve Shirt Green/Red
BodeGuam Short-Sleeve Shirt Green/Red
$725.00 USD
Field Maple Trousers Brown/Red
BodeField Maple Trousers Brown/Red
$1,125.00 USD
Field Maple Coat Brown/Red
BodeField Maple Coat Brown/Red
$1,930.00 USD
Overdye Crochet Shirt Cream
BodeOverdye Crochet Shirt Cream
$750.00 USD
Overdye Crochet Shirt Brown
BodeOverdye Crochet Shirt Brown
$750.00 USD
Fleece Tie-Up Pullover Caramel
BodeFleece Tie-Up Pullover Caramel
$750.00 USD
Tulipa Short-Sleeve Shirt Multi
BodeTulipa Short-Sleeve Shirt Multi
$610.00 USD
Beaded Buckaroo Short-Sleeve Shirt White
BodeBeaded Buckaroo Short-Sleeve Shirt White
$820.00 USD
French Terry Sweat Shorts Brown
BodeFrench Terry Sweat Shorts Brown
$490.00 USD
Leather Tab Jacket Tan/Blue
BodeLeather Tab Jacket Tan/Blue
$1,240.00 USD
Treehouse Knit Tank Blue
BodeTreehouse Knit Tank Blue
$910.00 USD
Sunflower Lace Shortsleeve Shirt Yellow
BodeSunflower Lace Shortsleeve Shirt Yellow
$740.00 USD
Pony Lasso Sweater Blue/Multi
BodePony Lasso Sweater Blue/Multi
$840.00 USD
Rodeo Slogans Short-Sleeve Shirt Red/Multi
BodeRodeo Slogans Short-Sleeve Shirt Red/Multi
$685.00 USD
New York City Map Short-Sleeve Shirt Multi
BodeNew York City Map Short-Sleeve Shirt Multi
$910.00 USD
Garden State Longsleeve Shirt Multi
BodeGarden State Longsleeve Shirt Multi
$740.00 USD
Pointelle Polo Longsleeve Cream
BodePointelle Polo Longsleeve Cream
$820.00 USD
Dream State Quarter-Zip Sweater Multi
BodeDream State Quarter-Zip Sweater Multi
$840.00 USD
Flagship Crochet Shirt Paprika
BodeFlagship Crochet Shirt Paprika
$880.00 USD
Sheer Cranes Short-Sleeve Shirt Black
BodeSheer Cranes Short-Sleeve Shirt Black
$910.00 USD
Sweatpants Brown
BodeSweatpants Brown
$685.00 USD
Nouveau Monstera Overshirt Red
BodeNouveau Monstera Overshirt Red
$1,750.00 USD
Nouveau Monstera Shorts Red
BodeNouveau Monstera Shorts Red
$740.00 USD
Rosette Crochet Long-Sleeve Shirt White
BodeRosette Crochet Long-Sleeve Shirt White
$1,330.00 USD
Reversible Duo Waffle Jacket Brown
BodeReversible Duo Waffle Jacket Brown
$1,240.00 USD
Equine Short-Sleeve Shirt Cream/Multi
BodeEquine Short-Sleeve Shirt Cream/Multi
$685.00 USD
Boar Applique Jacket White/Red
BodeBoar Applique Jacket White/Red
$616.00 USD
$880.00 USD
Midnight Grid Pajama Pant
BodeMidnight Grid Pajama Pant
$385.00 USD
$770.00 USD
Kaleidoscope Quilt Jacket
BodeKaleidoscope Quilt Jacket
$980.00 USD
$1,960.00 USD
Dessert Applique Shorts Green
BodeDessert Applique Shorts Green
$370.00 USD
$740.00 USD
Ship Applique Shorts Tan
BodeShip Applique Shorts Tan
$685.00 USD
Suede Rickrack Hat Black
BodeSuede Rickrack Hat Black
$162.00 USD
$405.00 USD
Sheer Brick Lace Long-Sleeve Shirt Beige
BodeSheer Brick Lace Long-Sleeve Shirt Beige
$427.00 USD
$610.00 USD
Highland Lighthouse Sweater Multi
BodeHighland Lighthouse Sweater Multi
$875.00 USD
Grand Daisy Workwear Jacket Orange
BodeGrand Daisy Workwear Jacket Orange
$2,000.00 USD
Duo Handtie Quilt Multi
BodeDuo Handtie Quilt Multi
$759.00 USD
$2,530.00 USD
Inverse Acorn Long-Sleeve Shirt Purple
BodeInverse Acorn Long-Sleeve Shirt Purple
$364.00 USD
$520.00 USD
Wandering Lover Trousers Multi
BodeWandering Lover Trousers Multi
$850.00 USD
Crochet Tote Green
BodeCrochet Tote Green
$440.00 USD
$550.00 USD

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In just a few years, BODE has evolved into a cultural force in American menswear. Founded by Emily Bode in 2016, the designer’s eponymous brand quickly built a devoted following, and picked up critical acclaim along the way (including nods by the LVMH prize and CFDA award). In 2018, Emily became the first woman to show a collection at New York Fashion Week: Men's.

Beautifully nostalgic, romantic, and most importantly hyper-wearable, the American luxury clothing brand is lauded for its imaginative repurposing of vintage fabrics. Tailor made in New York and New Delhi, BODE’s clothing is cut from antique textiles, quilting, grain sacks and bed linens, and features design embellishments like embroidery, and patchwork. BODE’s sustainable approach to design merges traditional craftsmanship with modern silhouettes.

The brand’s multifaceted design philosophy comes to life in pieces like vintage denim jackets with hand-stitched detailing, a revamped 1950s merino wool cardigan, or a senior cord oversized workwear jacket with hand-drawn illustrations. This love for historical techniques can be attributed to the time Emily spent as a child quilting, antiquing, and vintage shopping with her family. With BODE, the designer hopes to preserve not just the culture she was raised in but the cultures that shape her life and the lives around her.