Carne Bollente

Carne Bollente hones in on sex positivity to allow people to embrace their own sexuality and kinks through their clothes. By pairing straightforward streetwear staples with scenic sex illustrations, the spicy label injects provocation into staples.

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Love Always Cap Black
Carne BollenteLove Always Cap Black
$80.00 USD
The Alphabet Jacket Khaki
Carne BollenteThe Alphabet Jacket Khaki
$380.00 USD
Chaud Runners Shirt Cream
Carne BollenteChaud Runners Shirt Cream
$280.00 USD
Doggy Style Keychain Multi
Carne BollenteDoggy Style Keychain Multi
$30.00 USD
Hidden Pleasures Bomber Jacket Gray
Carne BollenteHidden Pleasures Bomber Jacket Gray
$405.00 USD
Touch With The Eyes Tank Top Blue
Carne BollenteTouch With The Eyes Tank Top Blue
$120.00 USD
In The Grass T-Shirt Allover
Carne BollenteIn The Grass T-Shirt Allover
$120.00 USD
Adam And Rave Shirt Allover
Carne BollenteAdam And Rave Shirt Allover
$255.00 USD
Rush Shower Shirt Allover
Carne BollenteRush Shower Shirt Allover
$255.00 USD
Swimming Sinning Shirt Allover
Carne BollenteSwimming Sinning Shirt Allover
$255.00 USD
Out Of Nowhere Mug Cream
Carne BollenteOut Of Nowhere Mug Cream
$45.00 USD
Raw Energy Long-Sleeve Melange Gray
Carne BollenteRaw Energy Long-Sleeve Melange Gray
$110.00 USD
Into The Squirt Towel Allover
Carne BollenteInto The Squirt Towel Allover
$80.00 USD
Shower Power Towel Allover
Carne BollenteShower Power Towel Allover
$80.00 USD
Club Mad 1992 Cap Gray
Carne BollenteClub Mad 1992 Cap Gray
$80.00 USD
Sex Hoodie Navy Blue
Carne BollenteSex Hoodie Navy Blue
$220.00 USD
Sex Hoodie Melange Gray
Carne BollenteSex Hoodie Melange Gray
$220.00 USD
The Fig Dig Long-Sleeve Allover
Carne BollenteThe Fig Dig Long-Sleeve Allover
$125.00 USD
Sex Socks White
Carne BollenteSex Socks White
$30.00 USD
First Kiss T-Shirt White
Carne BollenteFirst Kiss T-Shirt White
$100.00 USD
Summer Damp T-Shirt Washed Black
Carne BollenteSummer Damp T-Shirt Washed Black
$100.00 USD
Glory Goal T-Shirt White
Carne BollenteGlory Goal T-Shirt White
$100.00 USD
Since Forever T-Shirt White
Carne BollenteSince Forever T-Shirt White
$100.00 USD
Sounds Gay, I'm In T-Shirt White
Carne BollenteSounds Gay, I'm In T-Shirt White
$100.00 USD
Carne Tours Long-Sleeve Polo Washed Blue
Carne BollenteCarne Tours Long-Sleeve Polo Washed Blue
$230.00 USD
Enjoy! Tank Top Cream
Carne BollenteEnjoy! Tank Top Cream
$100.00 USD
The Sinning Pool Blanket Allover
Carne BollenteThe Sinning Pool Blanket Allover
$315.00 USD
Wish You Were Here ! T-shirt
Carne BollenteWish You Were Here ! T-shirt
$110.00 USD
Yabba-Dabba-Do Me T-Shirt Khaki
Carne BollenteYabba-Dabba-Do Me T-Shirt Khaki
$42.00 USD
$105.00 USD
Eves Garden Button-Up Shirt Multi
Carne BollenteEves Garden Button-Up Shirt Multi
$275.00 USD
Diamonds Cum Jacket Black
Carne BollenteDiamonds Cum Jacket Black
$138.00 USD
$230.00 USD
Middle Edging T-Shirt Black
Carne BollenteMiddle Edging T-Shirt Black
$105.00 USD
Sex On The Beach Towel Green
Carne BollenteSex On The Beach Towel Green
$40.00 USD
$80.00 USD
The Slap Long-Sleeve Top Multi
Carne BollenteThe Slap Long-Sleeve Top Multi
$125.00 USD
I'm Cumming Long-Sleeve Shirt Multi
Carne BollenteI'm Cumming Long-Sleeve Shirt Multi
$118.00 USD
$295.00 USD
Big Wheel T-Shirt White
Carne BollenteBig Wheel T-Shirt White
$52.50 USD
$105.00 USD
Tapesthreesome Tapestry Multi
Carne BollenteTapesthreesome Tapestry Multi
$315.00 USD
Hug Me Thight Fleece Jacket Beige
Carne BollenteHug Me Thight Fleece Jacket Beige
$228.00 USD
$380.00 USD
Robite Hood Balaclava Beige
Carne BollenteRobite Hood Balaclava Beige
$150.00 USD
Orgcaps Cap Black
Carne BollenteOrgcaps Cap Black
$80.00 USD
Sinking Deep White
Carne BollenteSinking Deep White
$100.00 USD
Summer Cowboys Beige
Carne BollenteSummer Cowboys Beige
$205.00 USD
Sinking Deep Black
Carne BollenteSinking Deep Black
$100.00 USD
Love My Feet White
Carne BollenteLove My Feet White
$12.00 USD
$30.00 USD
Hills Have Eyes Beige
Carne BollenteHills Have Eyes Beige
$380.00 USD
Club Mad White
Carne BollenteClub Mad White
$100.00 USD
Be Kind Longsleeve White
Carne BollenteBe Kind Longsleeve White
$110.00 USD
Let's Give More Love T-Shirt White
Carne BollenteLet's Give More Love T-Shirt White
$79.00 USD

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Boiling down Carne Bollente's international success to that old adage "sex sells" is a lazy way to view the brand. It is a celebration of sex in all of its forms, faces, and shades. No-frills wardrobe basics act as a canvas for the Parisian brand's scenic and vivid sexual illustrations. Delving past Carne Bollente's explosive imagery, you'll find straightforward streetwear that easily works within any style choice or wardrobe. If anything, Carne Bollente creates clothing that's easy to wear across seasons. Embroidered hoodies and graphic pullovers serve as quintessential layering pieces for the cooler months, while brightly printed risqué t-shirts, exhibitionist beach towels, and multi-colored bucket hats will have you ready for the summer heat. It's all part of the brand's charm — Carne Bollente has managed to make staples sexy and empowering.

Started in 2014, the independent label's signature illustrations are inclusive, showing cis and trans couples, hertero and queer ones. Designs are inspired but cheeky, always approached with an air of relatable specificity, humor, and nuance without verging on the problematic. They are often littered with references to the 1960s and 1970s — the golden era of the counter culture movement that gave rise to pornography, women's liberations, and art-house cinema. Equally, you may come across a reference to history's greatest lovers, erotic cave drawings, and classic films.

Sex and fashion share the same cloth. Carne Bollente brings the two worlds together in an engaging and subversive way — sex positivity with a very wearable twist. It has attracted the likes of UNDERCOVER and recently dropped a collaborative project with the late legendary artist Tom of Finland. People may give you a side-eye or two while sporting Carne Bollente. That's their problem, not yours.