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Grace Wales Bonner's meticulously researched collections are always awe-inspiring to us. Whereas other designers can be vague about their inspirations, Bonner's designs almost come with a required reading list.

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Organic Cotton Tee Chalk White
Adidas x Wales BonnerOrganic Cotton Tee Chalk White
$115.00 USD
Pony Tonal Samba Cream White/Mystery Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerPony Tonal Samba Cream White/Mystery Brown
$205.00 USD
Football Shirt Vivid Green
Adidas x Wales BonnerFootball Shirt Vivid Green
$175.00 USD
Knit Track Top Mystery Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Track Top Mystery Brown
$380.00 USD
Knit Long-Sleeve Top Dark Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Long-Sleeve Top Dark Brown
$255.00 USD
Knit Track Pant Mystery Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Track Pant Mystery Brown
$320.00 USD
Football Short Sandy Beige
Adidas x Wales BonnerFootball Short Sandy Beige
$140.00 USD
Études Jacket Cotton Check Orange/Brown
Wales BonnerÉtudes Jacket Cotton Check Orange/Brown
$1,070.00 USD
Original Tee Ivory
Wales BonnerOriginal Tee Ivory
$330.00 USD
Kola Trackpants Brown/Ivory
Wales BonnerKola Trackpants Brown/Ivory
$585.00 USD
Diop Tank Top Red/Black
Wales BonnerDiop Tank Top Red/Black
$275.00 USD
Tropiques Polo Black/Green/Yellow
Wales BonnerTropiques Polo Black/Green/Yellow
$570.00 USD
Morning Tee Black/Ivory
Wales BonnerMorning Tee Black/Ivory
$280.00 USD
Calm Polo Chestnut Brown/Ivory/Ruby Red
Wales BonnerCalm Polo Chestnut Brown/Ivory/Ruby Red
$950.00 USD
Home Jersey Shirt Black/Red
Wales BonnerHome Jersey Shirt Black/Red
$435.00 USD
Kola Track Top Chestnut Brown/Ivory
Wales BonnerKola Track Top Chestnut Brown/Ivory
$715.00 USD
SL72 Knit Dark Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerSL72 Knit Dark Brown
$230.00 USD
Knit Argyle Vest Multi
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Argyle Vest Multi
$200.00 USD
Knit Track Pant Black
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Track Pant Black
$355.00 USD
Crewneck Sweater Wonder White
Adidas x Wales BonnerCrewneck Sweater Wonder White
$230.00 USD
Harrington Jacket Night Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerHarrington Jacket Night Brown
$315.00 USD
Flared Trousers Night Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerFlared Trousers Night Brown
$275.00 USD
Knit Track Top Black
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Track Top Black
$420.00 USD
Organic Cotton Tee Collegiate Gold
Adidas x Wales BonnerOrganic Cotton Tee Collegiate Gold
$125.00 USD
Knit Turtleneck Multi
Adidas x Wales BonnerKnit Turtleneck Multi
$255.00 USD
Sweatpants Wonder White
Adidas x Wales BonnerSweatpants Wonder White
$190.00 USD
Organic Cotton Tee Clear Mint
Adidas x Wales BonnerOrganic Cotton Tee Clear Mint
$125.00 USD
SL72 Knit Team Green
Adidas x Wales BonnerSL72 Knit Team Green
$230.00 USD
Tomorrow Trousers
Wales BonnerTomorrow Trousers
$475.00 USD
$950.00 USD
Groove Tank
Wales BonnerGroove Tank
$100.00 USD
$200.00 USD
Ascend Varsity Jacket
Wales BonnerAscend Varsity Jacket
$1,200.00 USD
$2,400.00 USD
Franco Half Zip Top
Wales BonnerFranco Half Zip Top
$230.00 USD
$460.00 USD
Rhythm Shirt Brown
Wales BonnerRhythm Shirt Brown
$302.50 USD
$605.00 USD
Soul Pyjama Trousers
Wales BonnerSoul Pyjama Trousers
$312.50 USD
$625.00 USD
Cassette Shorts
Wales BonnerCassette Shorts
$270.00 USD
$540.00 USD
Optimist Polo Shirt
Wales BonnerOptimist Polo Shirt
$237.50 USD
$475.00 USD
Scale Tank
Wales BonnerScale Tank
$250.00 USD
$500.00 USD
Rhythm Striped Shirt Pink
Wales BonnerRhythm Striped Shirt Pink
$275.00 USD
$550.00 USD
Optimist Polo Shirt Orange
Wales BonnerOptimist Polo Shirt Orange
$237.50 USD
$475.00 USD
Wales BonnerMiles Jeans Blue
$755.00 USD
Original Sweatshirt Brown
Wales BonnerOriginal Sweatshirt Brown
$445.00 USD
Clarinet Vest Pale Yellow/Brown
Wales BonnerClarinet Vest Pale Yellow/Brown
$755.00 USD
Clarinet Cardigan Pale Yellow/Brown
Wales BonnerClarinet Cardigan Pale Yellow/Brown
$1,075.00 USD
Swing Stripe Knit Vest Multi
Wales BonnerSwing Stripe Knit Vest Multi
$445.00 USD
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Organic Cotton Tee Black
Adidas x Wales BonnerOrganic Cotton Tee Black
$115.00 USD

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Introducing Wales Bonner, the boundary-pushing label that seamlessly merges historical narrative, personal identity, and socio-political discourse into the realm of high fashion. 

Launched in 2014 by Central Saint Martins graduate Grace Wales Bonner, the brand has swiftly cemented its place within the industry, earning critical acclaim for its profound exploration of Black culture, heritage, and identity. Wales Bonner's collections are meticulously researched symphonies of craftsmanship and symbolism, navigating between European luxury aesthetics and Afro-Atlantic influences. The designer's work skillfully unravels the nuances of diaspora narratives and Black intellectual history, transforming these explorations into artfully tailored garments. Elements of '70s subculture, post-colonial theory, and Creole sensibilities collide in a harmonious blend of silhouettes, colours, and textures. 

From the precision-cut tailoring to the intricate detailing, every piece is a testament to Wales Bonner’s knack for creating conversation-starting styles. Recognized for her intellectually rigorous approach, she was awarded the 2016 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers just two years after her label's debut. 

Venturing into the realm of Wales Bonner means stepping into a sartorial intersection of art, theory, and culture. It's not just about dressing, but about understanding and participating in a discourse that pushes the fashion envelope, making you not only look good but feel invigorated.

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