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Medicom – BE@RBRICK BATMAN (Batman HUSH Version) 100%&400%

$255.00 USD
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The Caped Crusader emerges in all his heroic glory with Medicom’s Batman Hush Version Be@rbrick. Donning his fantastical suit, the iconic superhero is further immortalized by way of this essential toy figure, which no doubt appeals to comic book enthusiasts. Medicom merges the worlds of art and collectibles with popular culture like no one else, with Be@rbricks remaining steadfast at the intersection of toys and art. Releasing in limited editions, these highly detailed figures are extremely coveted by collectors and resellers alike, as each iteration virtually always sells out in a hurry.

100% is 7 cm (2.75 in). 400% is 28 cm (11.02 in).

100% plastic. 100% and 400% versions come as a set. Swivel head, waist, and wrist. Ball joint arms and legs.

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