When we last left Pablo Escobar at the end of the first season for Netflix’s acclaimed drama Narcos, he had freshly escaped from the gaping jaws of justice and was on the run. According to the new trailer for the show’s second season the streaming platform just released, it looks like we’re picking things up right about there. Only (as they say in the great film trailers of old) this time it’s personal. Everybody wants a piece of Pablo, and the violent, even graphic, new trailer promises total war.

Built around the tagline “Who Killed Pablo?,” the latest season seems built around four main perspectives tracking the infamous drug lord down. First up is the DEA, but Escobar also has to reckon with the California cartel, the vigilante group organized to hunt him down called Los Pepes and finally the Search Bloc, the wing of the Colombian police hot on his trail. Wagner Moura makes his return as the titular kingpin, and Boyd Holbrook and Game of Thrones-star Pedro Pascal round out the cast as the DEA agents Murphy and Peña. Whether any of these people will survive to the end of the season is anyone's guess.

Fortunately the wait is almost over; the new season premieres next Friday, September 2.

Be sure to check out the first trailer for Narcos' second season right here.

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