Offset has dropped an official video for “Quarter Milli,” his collaboration with Gucci Mane. Donning depression-era suits and guns, the rappers take part in an orchestrated bank robbery. The heist is a familiar vehicle for many music videos, but the Joseph Desrosiers Jr.-directed visual leans heavily into the ’30s gangster movie cannon.

The scene opens with an old-timey PSA warning citizens that “QC and gang strike again.” It informs listeners that “with over a quarter million missing, the Treasury has issued a warning to all financial institutions.” Viewers then see Offset and his crew arming up for the heist. It’s carried off with relative ease and enough time for Offset and Gucci Mane to rap a few bars on the bank’s front steps before making a clean getaway.

“Quarter Milli” is fresh off Offset’s debut solo album Father of 4 that came out last week. Watch the full video above.

Weekend Staff Writer

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.