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EVA has been on our radar ever since she released “Touch Me,” an affecting ode to self love and sensuality produced by PC Music’s Danny L Harle. That song, however, is just the tip of the iceberg in her busy year of musical projects. Up next, she’ll be appearing on Blood Orange’s new album Negro Swan out this week, making it on to three of the record’s tracks.

The singer spoke to The FADER to discuss her recent work, in addition to dishing on some truly unbelievable stories; namely, DJing for a very feisty Madonna at the Met Gala. Take a look at some of the interview’s highlights below.

On the sexual nature of her track “Touch Me:”

“I like to provoke people and make other people think about these things that I know they’re already thinking about but might be too shy to say. I don’t like writing songs that make me sound vulnerable or weak — I like to sound empowered. I prefer to put out songs that make people feel sexy.”

On auditioning for Solange:

“Back then, I was quite shy. During my audition, I was visibly shaking. If I hadn’t gotten that gig, I know I wouldn’t be singing now. It pushed me and made do things I never thought I’d do. It changed everything.”

On working with Blood Orange:

“He’s so wonderful at collaborating. For this new record, we were all on tour in Japan. He’s very casual about it — he’ll have the band in his hotel room to record, which is crazy because usually when I’m doing my own vocal takes I’ll spend weeks agonizing over it. He’s good like that.”

On DJing the Met Gala for Madonna:

“The first year, I was playing something for Gwyneth Paltrow — something really chilled out — and Madonna barges in and goes, “I cannot dance to this” and gives me this really crazy, scary look. I was like, “Okay we’ll find something else.” I played a couple of songs, and I think she told me to play something “gangster.””

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