Reebok has embarked on a new initiative to creative imaginative fitness prototypes using its patented Flexweave technology. For this, the company has tapped a trio of designers to ultimately explore the potential of Flexweave.

First off, Flexweave "boasts an open figure-8 construction that interlocks unlimited strands of fibers to create a single surface construction that is as strong as it is light." Here, Joe Doucet x Partners, Modla, and Odd Matter each worked with the version of the textile that will be found in the first generation of Reebok Flexweave footwear which is set to launch this year.

Centering around form and function, the prototype collection thus includes a pair of cutting-edge running gloves by Joe Doucet x Partners, Modla's 3D-printed altitude training mask, and an assortment of lightweight, active sitting chairs from Odd Matter.

Joe Doucet x Partners, New York City

“My inspiration was to capture the unique qualities of the Flexweave technology through something advantageous to an active lifestyle," Doucet noted. "The strength, flexibility and multi surface durability of Flexweave led me to the idea of a ‘smart’ running glove with a sleek, stylish silhouette. With the form crafted by Flexweave, the next stage of development would be GPS integration paving the way to a new frontier in wearable technology.”

Modla, London

"I do a lot of high intensity training so I’m interested in how such equipment works, functions and can help improve performance," stated co-founder Jon Fidler. "But we also saw the potential in the aesthetic of the Flexweave material, to create something which would blend with the mask and align with the contours of the wearer’s face."

"As it happens, the Flexweave material provided even more benefit than just the aesthetic and was amazing to work with. It’s strong and durable, so perfect for a product that will get a lot of wear and tear; while also incredibly lightweight, making it breathable on the face for athletes when training."

Odd Matter, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

“The Inspiration for the chair came from the Flexweave material itself," said Els Woldhek of Odd Matter. "Whilst experimenting and playing with the fabric we were very intrigued by its behavior, structure and strength under tension. From there we wanted to create an object that played with that tension, a bit like the string of a bow, something in which the tension and strength is palpable.”

“Working with the Flexweave was very interesting, for instance when cutting it in different directions you straight away notice the differences between the fibers and the technical properties of the Flexweave. This in turn has made us really curious about everything else that is possible with the technology."

For more on the brand's Innovation Collection, follow to Reebok.

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