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Complex has chosen Pusha T to grace the cover of their December 2016/January 2017 issue.

During the interview for the publication’s new issue, the G.O.O.D. Music President spoke with renowned author Mychal Denzel Smith about mass incarceration, racial inequalities, Donald Trump, his #SchoolsNotPrisons campaign, the current status of hip-hop, and more.

On Trump’s Presidential victory:

“As the evening went on, you could feel the energy shift—we were extremely disheartened,” he recalls. “I just thought it said so much about America. I just didn’t understand how he could speak so ill to so many different groups of people and they still find a way to support him. The [support from] white women was a bit much for me. I thought that said a lot. The blatant disrespect to that group in particular, over and over again throughout the campaign—the people who voted for him did not care. Trump is trying to extend the lifeline of and expand upon white privilege. The racism in America—it’s no longer hidden. They don’t feel the need to hide anymore, because your president didn’t hide it in any capacity.”

“I’m going to continue to fight up until Inauguration Day, then we have to strategize a bit better with regard to how and what we’re going to do going forward,” he says. “It’s truly going to be tough and everyone knows that. There has to be a new strategy because we’re not dealing with people who actually care about our people.”

On mass incarceration:

“It’s probably the single most [pressing] issue that I’ve seen affect my demographic, my people, my culture. I lived through it. When you get the knowledge that I’ve come across recently, it’s like, oh my god… You want to tell kids the truth.”

On signing Desiigner to G.O.O.D. Music:

“I don’t subscribe to anything or anybody who speaks ill of anybody on the label, especially Desiigner. I want ground-breaking creativity. This is another moral obligation that I feel I need to bring to the game.”

For Complex‘s entire conversation with Pusha T, follow here.

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