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1906 DE White
New Balance1906 DE White
$180.00 USD
1906 DF Black
New Balance1906 DF Black
$180.00 USD
Creeper Phatty Lavender Alert/Burnt Red
Fenty x PumaCreeper Phatty Lavender Alert/Burnt Red
$155.00 USD
Creeper Phatty Speed Blue/Lime
Fenty x PumaCreeper Phatty Speed Blue/Lime
$155.00 USD
Creeper Phatty Black/White
Fenty x PumaCreeper Phatty Black/White
$155.00 USD
Moc Speed Streak Evo Black/Amber
Merrell x Nicole McLaughlinMoc Speed Streak Evo Black/Amber
$135.00 USD
Moc Speed Streak Evo Birch/Hiviz
Merrell x Nicole McLaughlinMoc Speed Streak Evo Birch/Hiviz
$135.00 USD
Moc Speed Streak Evo Coyote/Olive
Merrell x Nicole McLaughlinMoc Speed Streak Evo Coyote/Olive
$135.00 USD
Floatride Energy Argus X Black/Aged Silver
ReebokFloatride Energy Argus X Black/Aged Silver
$265.00 USD
001 M Mars Red
Norda001 M Mars Red
$290.00 USD
Tor Ultra Hi Black/Castlerock
HOKATor Ultra Hi Black/Castlerock
$265.00 USD
Clifton LS Black/Asphalt
HOKAClifton LS Black/Asphalt
$200.00 USD
ProGrid Omni 9 Premium Green
SauconyProGrid Omni 9 Premium Green
$195.00 USD
ProGrid Omni 9 Premium Gray/Black
SauconyProGrid Omni 9 Premium Gray/Black
$195.00 USD
Shadow 6000 GTX Black
SauconyShadow 6000 GTX Black
$195.00 USD
Shadow 6000 GTX Green
SauconyShadow 6000 GTX Green
$195.00 USD
ProGrid Omni 9 Premium Greige
SauconyProGrid Omni 9 Premium Greige
$195.00 USD
Peregrine 13 Gravel/Slime
SauconyPeregrine 13 Gravel/Slime
$170.00 USD
Club C Bulc Shoes Silver/Beige
Reebok x DimeClub C Bulc Shoes Silver/Beige
$120.00 USD
Club C Revenge Light Sand/Gold
Reebok x DimeClub C Revenge Light Sand/Gold
$130.00 USD
Club C Revenge Astro Dust/Gold
Reebok x DimeClub C Revenge Astro Dust/Gold
$130.00 USD
GEL-1090 Piedmont Gray/Tarmac
asicsGEL-1090 Piedmont Gray/Tarmac
$80.00 USD
$100.00 USD
Ultrasceptre Sneaker White Alyssum/Grey Violet
Raf SimonsUltrasceptre Sneaker White Alyssum/Grey Violet
$460.00 USD
Ultrasceptre Sneaker Pink
Raf SimonsUltrasceptre Sneaker Pink
$460.00 USD
Ultrasceptre Sneaker Grey/Orange
Raf SimonsUltrasceptre Sneaker Grey/Orange
$460.00 USD
Suede Classic V Navy/Black
PumaSuede Classic V Navy/Black
$145.00 USD
Suede Classic V Brown/Black
PumaSuede Classic V Brown/Black
$145.00 USD
U Clifton LS Celadon Tint
Satisfy x HOKAU Clifton LS Celadon Tint
$225.00 USD
Country OG Cloud White/Collegiate Green
AdidasCountry OG Cloud White/Collegiate Green
$130.00 USD
ACS PRO Black/Lemon/High Risk Red
SalomonACS PRO Black/Lemon/High Risk Red
$215.00 USD
XT-6 Black/Falcon/Cow Hide
SalomonXT-6 Black/Falcon/Cow Hide
$200.00 USD
XT-6 Magnet/Ashes Of Roses/Winter Pear
SalomonXT-6 Magnet/Ashes Of Roses/Winter Pear
$200.00 USD
One Star Pro Ox Phantom Violet
ConverseOne Star Pro Ox Phantom Violet
$95.00 USD
U 9060 SG Magnet
New BalanceU 9060 SG Magnet
$190.00 USD
U 9060 GM Gray Matter
New BalanceU 9060 GM Gray Matter
$190.00 USD
U 9060 PH Blacktop
New BalanceU 9060 PH Blacktop
$190.00 USD
M 2002 REG Driftwood
New BalanceM 2002 REG Driftwood
$160.00 USD
Butterfly Boulder Brown
TOMBOGO x SauconyButterfly Boulder Brown
$145.00 USD
Butterfly Morpho Black
TOMBOGO x SauconyButterfly Morpho Black
$145.00 USD
Snowcross Black/Black/Magnet
SalomonSnowcross Black/Black/Magnet
$240.00 USD
U 9060 HSB Driftwood
New BalanceU 9060 HSB Driftwood
$200.00 USD
BB550MDA Sea Salt
New BalanceBB550MDA Sea Salt
Nylon Samba Fox Brown/Sandy Beige/Lucky Blue
Adidas x Wales BonnerNylon Samba Fox Brown/Sandy Beige/Lucky Blue
$160.00 USD
Pony Tonal Samba Cream White/Mystery Brown
Adidas x Wales BonnerPony Tonal Samba Cream White/Mystery Brown
$180.00 USD
Cloudvista Sand Dune
OnCloudvista Sand Dune
$175.00 USD
Premier Road Modern Silver
ReebokPremier Road Modern Silver
$240.00 USD
XT-4 OG Taffy/Vanilla Ice/Blue Print
SalomonXT-4 OG Taffy/Vanilla Ice/Blue Print
$205.00 USD
asicsGEL-QUANTUM KINETIC Birch/Dark Taupe
$285.00 USD

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Initially just a shoe with a rubber sole designed for people to wear while running and playing sports, sneakers have become the symbol of contemporary fashion, from luxury to streetwear to pretty much global supremacy. 

Curated for both the sneakerheads and those who are just beginning to create their own style and understanding what the footwear industry has to offer, our selection of sneakers, including high-tops, low-tops, and slip-ons, provides the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style.

For the loyalists, we have the likes of Reebok and adidas to find the evergreen Club Cs and Sambas. We have luxury sneaker brands like ROA, Moncler, and Diesel to highlight more experimental sneaker designs and fabrics. 

For the ones looking to expand their rotations, we have niche footwear labels like Mizuno, Salomon, and HOKA

But if solid, outdoor-ready sneakers are your thing or you're on the hunt for something more elegant and low-key, our selection of the best New Balance sneakers has a model for every rotation.

If sometimes you feel like this sneaker game of ours is a bit too much to handle, we also make sure to always keep you in the know of the best weekly releases, yearly rankings, luxury sneakers, and a collaboration guide to help you navigate this madness. 

After building your fit from the ground up, make sure to check out our handpicked selection of pants, shirts, and shorts. Elevate your style, define your look, and own your identity with Highsnobiety.

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