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D-Shorty-FSE Shorts White/Blue
DieselD-Shorty-FSE Shorts White/Blue
$695.00 USD
Sven Shorts Mid Brown Wool
SéfrSven Shorts Mid Brown Wool
$170.00 USD
Classic Washed Cargo Jogging Shorts Morel
PattaClassic Washed Cargo Jogging Shorts Morel
$110.00 USD
Craft Short Sorrent/Rinsed
Carhartt WIPCraft Short Sorrent/Rinsed
$80.00 USD
Zoran Eco Faux Leather Shorts Black
GmbHZoran Eco Faux Leather Shorts Black
$490.00 USD
Rim Faux Croc Shorts Black
GmbHRim Faux Croc Shorts Black
$505.00 USD
Power Shorts Olive/Dark Brown
Wales BonnerPower Shorts Olive/Dark Brown
$360.00 USD
Rayon Shorts Black
Jil SanderRayon Shorts Black
$710.00 USD
Rayon Shorts Espresso
Jil SanderRayon Shorts Espresso
$710.00 USD
Elaine Shorts Beige
Stockholm Surfboard ClubElaine Shorts Beige
$255.00 USD
Bermuda Cargo Shorts Total Eclipse
C.P. CompanyBermuda Cargo Shorts Total Eclipse
$255.00 USD
Stubbur Shorts Beige
RANRAStubbur Shorts Beige
$430.00 USD
Elaine Shorts Black
Stockholm Surfboard ClubElaine Shorts Black
$255.00 USD
Israel Shorts Pink
Winnie New YorkIsrael Shorts Pink
$540.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Beige
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Beige
$400.00 USD
Mount Shorts Uniform Olive Herringbone
Our LegacyMount Shorts Uniform Olive Herringbone
$375.00 USD
Mount Shorts Black Canvas
Our LegacyMount Shorts Black Canvas
$375.00 USD
Parcher Short Pants Bottle
Dries van NotenParcher Short Pants Bottle
$535.00 USD
Tropical Suiting Shorts Stripes Navy
Highsnobiety HS05Tropical Suiting Shorts Stripes Navy
$155.00 USD
Water-Repellent Shorts Olive
Highsnobiety HS05Water-Repellent Shorts Olive
$130.00 USD
Natural Dyed Nylon Shorts Black
Highsnobiety HS05Natural Dyed Nylon Shorts Black
$155.00 USD
Natural Dyed Nylon Shorts Beige
Highsnobiety HS05Natural Dyed Nylon Shorts Beige
$155.00 USD
Water-Repellent Shorts Black
Highsnobiety HS05Water-Repellent Shorts Black
$130.00 USD
Tropical Suiting Shorts Black
Highsnobiety HS05Tropical Suiting Shorts Black
$155.00 USD
Water-Repellent Shorts Beige
Highsnobiety HS05Water-Repellent Shorts Beige
$130.00 USD
Natural Dyed Nylon Shorts Olive
Highsnobiety HS05Natural Dyed Nylon Shorts Olive
$155.00 USD
Tropical Suiting Shorts Gray
Highsnobiety HS05Tropical Suiting Shorts Gray
$155.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Khaki/Ombre
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Khaki/Ombre
$435.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Blue
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Blue
$545.00 USD
Twisted Workwear Shorts Beige
J.W. AndersonTwisted Workwear Shorts Beige
$570.00 USD
Twisted Short Denim Snow Beige
LemaireTwisted Short Denim Snow Beige
$570.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Sequin Silver
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Sequin Silver
$875.00 USD
Paolon Shorts Navy
Dries van NotenPaolon Shorts Navy
$490.00 USD
Basket Fit Short Raffia
BonsaiBasket Fit Short Raffia
$275.00 USD
Basket Fit Short Glazed Ginger
BonsaiBasket Fit Short Glazed Ginger
$275.00 USD
Double Cargo Short Almond Oil
BonsaiDouble Cargo Short Almond Oil
$395.00 USD
Wide Leg Denim Shorts Black
Acne StudiosWide Leg Denim Shorts Black
$360.00 USD
SFTM Short Dark Brown
Song For The Mute x AdidasSFTM Short Dark Brown
$145.00 USD
Regular-Short Denim
DieselRegular-Short Denim
$130.00 USD
Denim Pydar Shorts Indigo
Dries van NotenDenim Pydar Shorts Indigo
$295.00 USD
$60.00 USD
Regular Fit Shorts Hazelnut Brown
Acne StudiosRegular Fit Shorts Hazelnut Brown
$290.00 USD
Football Short Sandy Beige
Adidas x Wales BonnerFootball Short Sandy Beige
$120.00 USD
Shorts White
PumaShorts White
$38.00 USD
$95.00 USD
Nylon Shorts Black
TrussardiNylon Shorts Black
$114.00 USD
$285.00 USD
Le Caleçon Print Dark Red Deformed Check
JACQUEMUSLe Caleçon Print Dark Red Deformed Check
$105.00 USD
Reflective Shorts Navy
Converse x A-Cold-Wall*Reflective Shorts Navy
$90.00 USD
Reflective Shorts Stone
Converse x A-Cold-Wall*Reflective Shorts Stone
$36.00 USD
$90.00 USD

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Who says fashion takes a break when temperatures rise? Enter shorts – the go-to gear for warm weather or indoors chill, balancing the scales of comfort and style. At Highsnobiety, we recognize the dynamic role of shorts in the modern style narrative and present a curated collection that captures the essence of this versatile piece.

Our collection is a panorama of the shorts universe – from laid-back athletic shorts from brands like The North Face perfect for your gym sessions, to stylish chino shorts from BODE, and Wander, Stone Island, or Dries Van Noten that are sure to level up your casual outing ensembles. The selection straddles a spectrum of designs, hues, and fabrics, mirroring the diverse style vibes of our audience.

We've meticulously chosen each piece from both coveted brands and emerging trendsetters that share our appreciation for quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

We've also collaborated with contemporary designers to create Highsnobiety-exclusive shorts, blurring the lines between convention and creativity. These pieces represent our forward-thinking ethos, standing as symbols of design disruption and style innovation.

Explore our curated world of shorts, a hub where you can express your unique style and experience the evolution of this everyday essential. After all, it's not just about dressing up – it's about finding the perfect blend of personal comfort, practical utility, and style statement. In the game of fashion, let our shorts collection be your secret weapon.

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