We love Salomon shoes for their incredible detail, quality, and overall construction. Pair that with the fact that Salomon has some of the nicest colorways in the sneaker game and that their sneakers are extremely versatile. You can wear these shoes with a pair of suit pants, shorts, jeans, and of course, out hiking.

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Speedcross 3 Sulphur/Black
SalomonSpeedcross 3 Sulphur/Black
$140.00 USD
XT-Slate Advanced Vanilla/White/Silver
SalomonXT-Slate Advanced Vanilla/White/Silver
$195.00 USD
XT-4 OG Carbon/Celadon Green
SalomonXT-4 OG Carbon/Celadon Green
$190.00 USD
XT PU.RE ADVANCED Cappucino/Black
SalomonXT PU.RE ADVANCED Cappucino/Black
$220.00 USD
SalomonXT PU.RE ADVANCED Black/Phantom
$220.00 USD
XT-6 Ghost Gray
SalomonXT-6 Ghost Gray
$180.00 USD
XT-6 Advanced Black Phantom
SalomonXT-6 Advanced Black Phantom
$180.00 USD
XT-Slate Advanced Glacier Gray/Ghost/Black
SalomonXT-Slate Advanced Glacier Gray/Ghost/Black
$195.00 USD
XT-6 GTX Black/Black/Silver
SalomonXT-6 GTX Black/Black/Silver
$200.00 USD
XA Pro 3D Black/Black/Magnet
SalomonXA Pro 3D Black/Black/Magnet
$140.00 USD
XT-6 Expanse Vanilla Ice/White/Alloy
SalomonXT-6 Expanse Vanilla Ice/White/Alloy
$165.00 USD
XT-6 GTX Safari/Safari/Black
SalomonXT-6 GTX Safari/Safari/Black
$200.00 USD
ACS PRO Black/Lemon/High Risk Red
SalomonACS PRO Black/Lemon/High Risk Red
$129.00 USD
$215.00 USD
XT-6 Magnet/Ashes Of Roses/Winter Pear
SalomonXT-6 Magnet/Ashes Of Roses/Winter Pear
$200.00 USD
Odyssey Elmt Advanced Black/Pewter/Phantom
SalomonOdyssey Elmt Advanced Black/Pewter/Phantom
$150.00 USD
$250.00 USD
XT-Slate Advanced Natural/Cement/Falcon
SalomonXT-Slate Advanced Natural/Cement/Falcon
$117.00 USD
$195.00 USD
Quest 4D GTX Advanced Bleached Sand/Black/Vanilla Ice
SalomonQuest 4D GTX Advanced Bleached Sand/Black/Vanilla Ice
$250.00 USD
ACS PRO Metal/Ghost Gray/Silver Metallic X
SalomonACS PRO Metal/Ghost Gray/Silver Metallic X
$195.00 USD
XT-6 GTX Desert Sage/Lily Pad/Laurel Wreath
SalomonXT-6 GTX Desert Sage/Lily Pad/Laurel Wreath
$117.00 USD
$195.00 USD
Jungle Ultra Low Advanced Falcon/Vintage Khaki
SalomonJungle Ultra Low Advanced Falcon/Vintage Khaki
$108.00 USD
$180.00 USD
ACS PRO Pewter/Cement/Eden
SalomonACS PRO Pewter/Cement/Eden
$117.00 USD
$195.00 USD
XT-4 OG Wren/Vintage Khaki/Aurora Red
SalomonXT-4 OG Wren/Vintage Khaki/Aurora Red
$111.00 USD
$185.00 USD
XT-6 Almond Milk/Bleached Sand/Aurora Red
SalomonXT-6 Almond Milk/Bleached Sand/Aurora Red
$108.00 USD
$180.00 USD
XT-Slate Advanced Metal/Gray Flannel/Cameo Green
SalomonXT-Slate Advanced Metal/Gray Flannel/Cameo Green
$195.00 USD
XT-QUEST 2 Falcon/Cement/Bright Green
SalomonXT-QUEST 2 Falcon/Cement/Bright Green
$78.00 USD
$130.00 USD
ACS PRO Pewter/Monument/Aegean Blue
SalomonACS PRO Pewter/Monument/Aegean Blue
$117.00 USD
$195.00 USD
ACS Pro Vanilla Ice/Lunar Rock/Tomato Cream
SalomonACS Pro Vanilla Ice/Lunar Rock/Tomato Cream
$81.00 USD
$135.00 USD
XT-4 OG White/Ebony/Lunar Rock
SalomonXT-4 OG White/Ebony/Lunar Rock
$190.00 USD
XT-4 OG Black/Ebony/Silver Metallic X
SalomonXT-4 OG Black/Ebony/Silver Metallic X
$190.00 USD
XT-6 Dried Herb/Deep Lichen Green/Bright Green
SalomonXT-6 Dried Herb/Deep Lichen Green/Bright Green
$108.00 USD
$180.00 USD
PULSAR ADVANCED Vanila/Feather Grey
SalomonPULSAR ADVANCED Vanila/Feather Grey
$123.00 USD
$205.00 USD
SalomonXT-SLATE ADVANCED Gull/Moonscape
$215.00 USD
Speedverse PRG Wht/Vanila/Phantm
SalomonSpeedverse PRG Wht/Vanila/Phantm
$90.00 USD
$150.00 USD
XT-Slate White
Salomon x And WanderXT-Slate White
$237.50 USD
$475.00 USD
Jungle Ultra Low Grey
Salomon x And WanderJungle Ultra Low Grey
$158.00 USD
$395.00 USD
Jungle Ultra Low Advanced Dull Go
SalomonJungle Ultra Low Advanced Dull Go
$108.00 USD
$180.00 USD
XT-6 Cathay Spice/Quar/Rose Cloud
SalomonXT-6 Cathay Spice/Quar/Rose Cloud
$200.00 USD
ACS PRO White/Vanilla Ice/Lunar Rock
SalomonACS PRO White/Vanilla Ice/Lunar Rock
$200.00 USD
RX Moc 3.0 Rubber/Taffy/Granada Sky
SalomonRX Moc 3.0 Rubber/Taffy/Granada Sky
$50.00 USD
$100.00 USD
ACS Pro Lapis Blue/Black/Butter
SalomonACS Pro Lapis Blue/Black/Butter
$215.00 USD
XT-6 Moonscape/Plum Kitten/Gull
SalomonXT-6 Moonscape/Plum Kitten/Gull
$200.00 USD
XT-6 Black/Chocolate Plum/Vibrant Orange
SalomonXT-6 Black/Chocolate Plum/Vibrant Orange
$195.00 USD
Cross High Fiery Red/Tea Rose/Salsa
MM6 Maison Margiela x SalomonCross High Fiery Red/Tea Rose/Salsa
$105.00 USD
$350.00 USD
Quest 4D GTX Advanced Black
SalomonQuest 4D GTX Advanced Black
$275.00 USD
XT-4 Delicioso/Toffee/Empire Yellow
SalomonXT-4 Delicioso/Toffee/Empire Yellow
$102.50 USD
$205.00 USD
X-Mission 4 Black/Ebony/Gum
SalomonX-Mission 4 Black/Ebony/Gum
$87.00 USD
$145.00 USD
XA Pro 3D Alloy/Silver/Lunar Rock
SalomonXA Pro 3D Alloy/Silver/Lunar Rock
$140.00 USD
XT-6 Advanced WINGS White Lunar Rock
SalomonXT-6 Advanced WINGS White Lunar Rock
$200.00 USD

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Salomon's ever-popular sneakers are the undisputed kings of the trail-running trend. For over 70 years, Salomon has stood out for its uncompromising dedication to product durability and market-leading technology. The outdoors sports company is favored both by top athletes and the casual wearer who are drawn to the brand for its lowkey design and focus on functionality including Gore-Tex bodies, robust cushioning, secure lacing systems, and overall lightweight feel.

Salomon got its start in Annecy, a small town in the heart of the French Alps. Working very closely with the skiing community to improve existing equipment technologies, founder Georges Salomon would eventually turn his workshop into a global skiing equipment powerhouse. Since then, the brand has ventured into other areas, continuously innovating for the people passionate about outdoor sports.

Back on the pavement, Salomon's one-of-a-kind utilitarian aesthetic, stunning colorways, and prestigious collaborations have positioned the brand at the top of most sneakerheads' lists. Their trail running-inspired sneakers are some of the most ubiquitous footwear in streetwear, appearing in Juergen Teller-shot lookbooks, on the runways at Paris Fashion Week, and on the feet of style influencers. Today Salomon produces products for hikers, climbers, adventure racers, snowboarders — and those seeking to emulate the style in their outfits.

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