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Belted Tactical Chino Nine Iron
PattaBelted Tactical Chino Nine Iron
$160.00 USD
Whiskers Jeans Vintage Blue
PattaWhiskers Jeans Vintage Blue
$175.00 USD
Judd Pant Black/Garment Dyed
Carhartt WIPJudd Pant Black/Garment Dyed
$120.00 USD
Bib Overall Black/Stone Washed
Carhartt WIPBib Overall Black/Stone Washed
$160.00 USD
Fadir Cotton Mix Twill Trousers Black
GmbHFadir Cotton Mix Twill Trousers Black
$530.00 USD
LVC 1947 501 Jeans Dark Indigo
Levi'sLVC 1947 501 Jeans Dark Indigo
$305.00 USD
Leggur Pants Lime Green
RANRALeggur Pants Lime Green
$595.00 USD
Is Pants Khaki/Gray
RANRAIs Pants Khaki/Gray
$650.00 USD
Elaine Shorts Beige
Stockholm Surfboard ClubElaine Shorts Beige
$295.00 USD
Gabriel Cargo Forest Green
Winnie New YorkGabriel Cargo Forest Green
$650.00 USD
Brandon Pant Black/Stone Washed
Carhartt WIPBrandon Pant Black/Stone Washed
$100.00 USD
D-Martians Track Denim
DieselD-Martians Track Denim
$350.00 USD
P-Hugh Cargo Pants Tree House
DieselP-Hugh Cargo Pants Tree House
$375.00 USD
Tropical Wool Trousers Blue/Black
MarniTropical Wool Trousers Blue/Black
$850.00 USD
Drawstring Trousers Leaf Green
MarniDrawstring Trousers Leaf Green
$735.00 USD
Drawstring Pants Washed Black
Maison MargielaDrawstring Pants Washed Black
$650.00 USD
Hard Cargo Gravel
Entire StudiosHard Cargo Gravel
$415.00 USD
Freight Cargo Gravy
Entire StudiosFreight Cargo Gravy
$250.00 USD
Freight Cargo Iron
Entire StudiosFreight Cargo Iron
$250.00 USD
Tropical Suiting Pants Navy Striped
Highsnobiety HS05Tropical Suiting Pants Navy Striped
$155.00 USD
Ripstop Cargo Pants Black
Highsnobiety HS05Ripstop Cargo Pants Black
$240.00 USD
Ripstop Cargo Pants Olive
Highsnobiety HS05Ripstop Cargo Pants Olive
$240.00 USD
Brushed Reverse Piping Elastic Trouser Black
Highsnobiety HS05Brushed Reverse Piping Elastic Trouser Black
$185.00 USD
Cotton Pleated Trouser Black
Highsnobiety HS05Cotton Pleated Trouser Black
$155.00 USD
Tropical Suiting Pants Black
Highsnobiety HS05Tropical Suiting Pants Black
$155.00 USD
Ripstop Cargo Pants Beige
Highsnobiety HS05Ripstop Cargo Pants Beige
$240.00 USD
Brushed Reverse Piping Trouser Beige
Highsnobiety HS05Brushed Reverse Piping Trouser Beige
$185.00 USD
Cotton Pleated Trousers Ivory
Highsnobiety HS05Cotton Pleated Trousers Ivory
$155.00 USD
Super Loose Fit Pant Black
BonsaiSuper Loose Fit Pant Black
$385.00 USD
Wide Leg Trackpant Black
Martine RoseWide Leg Trackpant Black
$385.00 USD
Double-Faced Piqué Sweatpants Eggshell
Lacoste x HighsnobietyDouble-Faced Piqué Sweatpants Eggshell
$185.00 USD
Double Knee Pant Black
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Black
$155.00 USD
Sune Trousers Ulster Navy Blue
Stockholm Surfboard ClubSune Trousers Ulster Navy Blue
$320.00 USD
Sune Trousers Mid Brown
Stockholm Surfboard ClubSune Trousers Mid Brown
$320.00 USD
Elaine Trousers Black
Stockholm Surfboard ClubElaine Trousers Black
$295.00 USD
2001 D-Macro-S Trousers Denim
Diesel2001 D-Macro-S Trousers Denim
$350.00 USD
2010-D-Macs Straight Jeans Denim
Diesel2010-D-Macs Straight Jeans Denim
$350.00 USD
P-Livery Trousers Total Eclipse
DieselP-Livery Trousers Total Eclipse
$350.00 USD
Single Knee Pant Black/Rinsed
Carhartt WIPSingle Knee Pant Black/Rinsed
$120.00 USD
Corduroy Cargo Trousers Black
Acne StudiosCorduroy Cargo Trousers Black
$440.00 USD
Washed Heavy Canvas Pants Brown
AuraleeWashed Heavy Canvas Pants Brown
$490.00 USD
Double Knee Pant Black/Rinsed
Carhartt WIPDouble Knee Pant Black/Rinsed
$110.00 USD
Third Cut Digital Denim Print Blue
Our LegacyThird Cut Digital Denim Print Blue
$460.00 USD
Crinkled Sailor Trouser Black
Our LegacyCrinkled Sailor Trouser Black
$140.00 USD
$350.00 USD
P-Huges-New Trousers Black
DieselP-Huges-New Trousers Black
$350.00 USD
1998 D-Buck Jeans Denim
Diesel1998 D-Buck Jeans Denim
$325.00 USD
D-Fish-Cargo-S Trousers Denim
DieselD-Fish-Cargo-S Trousers Denim
$395.00 USD
Cargo Jogpant
KenzoCargo Jogpant
$475.00 USD

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Dive into the world of style and comfort with our diverse selection of pants at Highsnobiety, the bedrock of any modern wardrobe. Each pair is a testament to the transformative power of this staple piece, bringing out the best in your style, no matter the setting.

Our catalog showcases a spectrum of designs, from casual denim and comfortable joggers for your laid-back days to polished chinos and tailored trousers that elevate your office and evening outfit. The versatility of our collection lies in its curated blend of trusted favorites and upcoming fashion disruptors, offering an array of fits, colors, and materials to match your unique style persona.

Explore the minimalist aesthetic of Acne Studios, experience the rugged appeal of Carhartt WIP, or tap into the relaxed vibes of Abc. Maybe you prefer the cutting-edge design of A-COLD-WALL* or the intricate detailing of BODE? No matter your preference, our selection ensures you can find a pair that resonates with your style ethos.

In the landscape of fashion, pants hold a vital role, acting as the canvas upon which you create your style masterpiece. Let Highsnobiety's selection of pants guide you towards your perfect outfit.

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