Japanese fashion designer Takahiro Miyashita didn’t decide to just randomly throw the term “soloist” at the end of his men’s line on a whim. Miyashita however still holds true to the TAKAHIRAMIYASHITA TheSoloist title to this day, as he designs everything by himself, without even a single assistant.

In a new interview, we find Miyashita dishing on just that, working solo.

“Number (N)ine was a band,” Miyashita said when speaking on working with the label, which he ulitimately left back in 2009. “It was a big company, and often I did not get to do what I wanted. So I thought that I need to be a completely independent designer. I wanted to be a solo singer. Just like John Lennon who quit The Beatles to be John Lennon.”

Now in its twelfth season, Miyashita “feels more free to design for my own label. The clothes are closer to my mind than Number (N)ine.”

When asked about his fascination with detail, the designer responded with “The inside of the garment is my favorite part.”

To hear more from Miyashita, including being influenced by music and film, his friendship with Jun Takahashi from Undercover, and the need for more hours in a day, follow on over to StyleZeitgeist.

Also, be sure to take a look at TAKAHIRAMIYASHITATheSoloist’s Fall 2017 “Alternative Tentacles” collection.

Not NYC, not LA.

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