In the latest digital issue of WWD, Miles Socha sat down with Guram Gvasalia, brother of Demna and CEO of the perpetually intriguing Vetements. In the interview, they touched upon a number of topics such as the growth of the brand, its presence on social media, and why they won’t be opening a bricks and mortar location anytime in the near future.

On the growth of Vetements:

“When I think about the word growth, I think about a child. Because I consider Vetements as our child. And then I’m thinking the child is growing. And once it reaches a certain age, and a certain maturity, it actually needs to stop growing. Because otherwise it will be a very ugly child. The same is with the brand, they’re always speaking about growing, but at the end of the day there should be a certain limit.”

On the power of social media:

“Today, because everything moves so fast, no one wants to think long-term. They buy a hoodie, they put it on, they take a selfie and put it on Instagram and it brings them closer to a certain group of people and they feel a sense of belonging. This is what the world is looking for. Before it was religion, and the brands are sort of replacing it, even if it’s sad to say that. Look at Apple basing its entire structure on the idea of belonging.”

On opening a physical store:

“The biggest problem to have your own store is that you always need to have stock in your store. It means that you need to oversaturate to buy, and whether you want it or not in order for the store to represent the brand, you will go on sale. Because you will have to buy more than you actually need. And this goes against our strategy.”

Read the full interview over at WWD.

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  • Cover and Main Image:Narya Abhimata
Words by Jesse Bernard
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