We caught up with Shepard Fairey to talk about propaganda, social media and more, as the iconic street artist unveiled his latest Berlin mural.

Fairey’s new work centers around the U.S. election, specifically the racism, ignorance, sexism, xenophobia that Fairey says were big contributors to the election of Trump.

As “it seems like the entire western world is moving further to the right,” Fairey stresses the importance of thinking critically about any work or information you’re provided, explaining that in a way, his work is also propaganda, as it has a certain bias.

He also talks about the logistics of producing such a large scale street art piece, how social media has affected his work, and why he’s still not 100 percent legit in the eyes of the law. Watch the video above.

In other news, sneakers are used as plant pots in Michel Blazy’s new installation.

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