French label A.P.C., known for its simplistic aesthetic and contemporary essentials, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, as founder Jean Touitou recently paid homage to its first collection with the “Hiver ’87” capsule, and also sat down with The New York Times to reminisce of the label’s beginnings, its core ethos and how it looks to continue on being a staple brand in the fashion world.

Here’s a few takeaways that we’ve learned from the conversation.

…maintaining its status in key cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo with multiple flagships.

Mr. and Mrs. Touitou “People, especially girls, say, ‘I don’t know why, but I like this,’” said Judith Touitou, 45, Mr. Touitou’s wife and A.P.C.’s artistic director. “We do things out of honesty. We never put out a garment we could not wear ourselves.” Perfecting unostentatious clothes is fashion, Mr. Touitou insisted, and it’s not easy.

…on creating clothes to make and sell thought to be vulgar.

Touitou “You’re a merchant. You’re dealing with merchandise. You sell. Whereas you should be a genius, creating concepts.”

…being obsessed with Trotskyist politics, becoming a practicing member of the Organisation Communiste Internationaliste (a Trotskyist political party in France).

Touitou “In those days, my point was, ‘Man, we have to redesign everything, we have to destroy the whole city. When you come from politics, you want to change the world totally, Then you can realize this is not going to happen. You go at 5 o’clock in the morning to factories to try to sell your ideas, they don’t want that. You’re just a romantic. They don’t want revolution. Period. Communism was maybe just a good idea for books.”

…on having interest in corporatized fashion.

Touitou “We say ‘fashion industry,’ but it’s the bag industry.”

…opinion on clothes sold at the luxury racks.

Touitou “The bourgeois don’t know how to dress anymore. With women, it’s just a disaster. I think the group luxury brands have a huge responsibility into that culture of vulgarity.” He recalled a recent visit to Cannes: “You’re seated by the pool, and everybody looks like he’s just found a hooker.”

To read the coverage in its entirety, head on over to The New York Times.

Also, A.P.C. pays homage to its three LA stores with new made-in-USA collection.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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