Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran compare their recent collection to an onion. Intending to cater to the current need for protection and comfort, they layer their characteristic relaxed tailoring with wafer-thin, second-skin pieces that'll help you master transitional weather.

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Knit Balaclava Donkey Grey
LemaireKnit Balaclava Donkey Grey
$295.00 USD
Military Pants Hedge Green
LemaireMilitary Pants Hedge Green
$760.00 USD
Wrap Scarf Golden Brown
LemaireWrap Scarf Golden Brown
$395.00 USD
V-Neck Jumper Dark Navy
LemaireV-Neck Jumper Dark Navy
$495.00 USD
Boxy Blouson Midnight Green
LemaireBoxy Blouson Midnight Green
$1,370.00 USD
Medium Croissant Bag Dark Moss
LemaireMedium Croissant Bag Dark Moss
$1,495.00 USD
Relaxed Western Shirt Black
LemaireRelaxed Western Shirt Black
$675.00 USD
Wool V-Neck Sweater Dark Mustard
LemaireWool V-Neck Sweater Dark Mustard
$695.00 USD
Hoodie Dark Tobacco
LemaireHoodie Dark Tobacco
$675.00 USD
Puffer Jacket Jet Black
LemairePuffer Jacket Jet Black
$2,195.00 USD
Soft Game Bag Dark Chocolate
LemaireSoft Game Bag Dark Chocolate
$995.00 USD
Twisted Belted Casual Pant
LemaireTwisted Belted Casual Pant
$665.00 USD
Twisted Belted Pants Green
LemaireTwisted Belted Pants Green
$665.00 USD
Minimal Western Belt Black
LemaireMinimal Western Belt Black
$272.00 USD
$340.00 USD
Easy Pleated Pants Black
LemaireEasy Pleated Pants Black
$605.00 USD
Short Jacket Black
LemaireShort Jacket Black
$380.00 USD
$760.00 USD
Maglite Leather Necklace Black
LemaireMaglite Leather Necklace Black
$240.00 USD
Envelope Key Ring Pouch Olive Brown
LemaireEnvelope Key Ring Pouch Olive Brown
$132.00 USD
$165.00 USD
Easy Pleated Pants Beige
LemaireEasy Pleated Pants Beige
$302.50 USD
$605.00 USD
Boxy Jacket Dark Brown
LemaireBoxy Jacket Dark Brown
$540.00 USD
Crinkled Longsleeve Shirt Aluminum
LemaireCrinkled Longsleeve Shirt Aluminum
$325.00 USD
$650.00 USD
Military Overshirt Black
LemaireMilitary Overshirt Black
$570.00 USD
Pyjama Shirt
LemairePyjama Shirt
$292.50 USD
$585.00 USD
Wool Blend Shirt Beige
LemaireWool Blend Shirt Beige
$171.00 USD
$570.00 USD
Water-Repellent Bomber Jacket Brown
LemaireWater-Repellent Bomber Jacket Brown
$917.00 USD
$1,310.00 USD
V-Neck Merino Vest Grey
LemaireV-Neck Merino Vest Grey
$185.50 USD
$265.00 USD
Convertible Collar Knit Shirt
LemaireConvertible Collar Knit Shirt
$258.00 USD
$430.00 USD
Chunky Cardigan
LemaireChunky Cardigan
$696.00 USD
$870.00 USD
Ribbed Tank Top
LemaireRibbed Tank Top
$87.00 USD
$145.00 USD
Judo Pants
LemaireJudo Pants
$495.00 USD
Twisted Belted Pants Black
LemaireTwisted Belted Pants Black
$464.00 USD
$580.00 USD
Pyjama Shirt Blue
LemairePyjama Shirt Blue
$260.00 USD
$650.00 USD
Boxy Cotton Linen Sweater Black
LemaireBoxy Cotton Linen Sweater Black
$215.00 USD
$430.00 USD
Chunky Cardigan Beige
LemaireChunky Cardigan Beige
$935.00 USD
Seamless Jeans Brown
LemaireSeamless Jeans Brown
$215.00 USD
$430.00 USD
Regular Collar Short Sleeve Shirt Ivory
LemaireRegular Collar Short Sleeve Shirt Ivory
$185.00 USD
$370.00 USD
Seamless Pants Light Taupe
LemaireSeamless Pants Light Taupe
$280.00 USD
$560.00 USD

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