Dries Van Noten

Dries has consistently given us some of the best prints in fashion, along with playful motifs and luxurious materials. The designer is a long-stay in our rotation every season.

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123 Items








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Piperi Shorts Beige
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Beige
$400.00 USD
Carltone Shirt Purple
Dries van NotenCarltone Shirt Purple
$590.00 USD
Clasen Shirt Blue
Dries van NotenClasen Shirt Blue
$580.00 USD
Back Zip Bomber Jacket Brown
Dries van NotenBack Zip Bomber Jacket Brown
$1,425.00 USD
Clasen Shirt Green
Dries van NotenClasen Shirt Green
$470.00 USD
Parcher Short Pants Bottle
Dries van NotenParcher Short Pants Bottle
$535.00 USD
Mindo Knit Polo Black/Stripes
Dries van NotenMindo Knit Polo Black/Stripes
$590.00 USD
Mindo Knit Polo Beige/Stripes
Dries van NotenMindo Knit Polo Beige/Stripes
$590.00 USD
Heyzen Shirt Dust/Green
Dries van NotenHeyzen Shirt Dust/Green
$270.00 USD
Hassette Long-Sleeve Polo Gray
Dries van NotenHassette Long-Sleeve Polo Gray
$535.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Khaki/Ombre
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Khaki/Ombre
$435.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Blue
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Blue
$545.00 USD
Mindo Knit Polo Beige
Dries van NotenMindo Knit Polo Beige
$565.00 USD
Piperi Shorts Sequin Silver
Dries van NotenPiperi Shorts Sequin Silver
$875.00 USD
Paolon Shorts Navy
Dries van NotenPaolon Shorts Navy
$490.00 USD
Corbino Shirt Dark Purple
Dries van NotenCorbino Shirt Dark Purple
$620.00 USD
Primo Pants Ombre/Lime
Dries van NotenPrimo Pants Ombre/Lime
$695.00 USD
Chain Bracelet Silver/Brass
Dries van NotenChain Bracelet Silver/Brass
$245.00 USD
Chain Necklace Silver/Brass
Dries van NotenChain Necklace Silver/Brass
$295.00 USD
Phibbs Swim Shorts Petrol
Dries van NotenPhibbs Swim Shorts Petrol
$245.00 USD
Croom Shirt Light Blue
Dries van NotenCroom Shirt Light Blue
$325.00 USD
Phibbs Swim Shorts Ombre Brown
Dries van NotenPhibbs Swim Shorts Ombre Brown
$245.00 USD
Haffel Sweater Black
Dries van NotenHaffel Sweater Black
$265.00 USD
Helio Tank Top Pale Yellow
Dries van NotenHelio Tank Top Pale Yellow
$175.00 USD
Denim Pydar Shorts Indigo
Dries van NotenDenim Pydar Shorts Indigo
$295.00 USD
Silk Cassi Shirt Gradient Blue
Dries van NotenSilk Cassi Shirt Gradient Blue
$655.00 USD
Packard Pants Gray
Dries van NotenPackard Pants Gray
$895.00 USD
Croom Shirt White
Dries van NotenCroom Shirt White
$325.00 USD
Hamer Sweatpants Gray
Dries van NotenHamer Sweatpants Gray
$345.00 USD
Hama Cotton Jersey Pants Black
Dries van NotenHama Cotton Jersey Pants Black
$365.00 USD
Haxel Hoodie Black
Dries van NotenHaxel Hoodie Black
$385.00 USD
Hen Oversized T-Shirt White
Dries van NotenHen Oversized T-Shirt White
$195.00 USD
Penning Pants Indigo
Dries van NotenPenning Pants Indigo
$395.00 USD
Primo Nylon Pants Blue
Dries van NotenPrimo Nylon Pants Blue
$635.00 USD
Vermont Bomber Jacket Black
Dries van NotenVermont Bomber Jacket Black
$1,345.00 USD
Valko Jacket Black
Dries van NotenValko Jacket Black
$657.50 USD
$1,315.00 USD
Pine Pants Choco
Dries van NotenPine Pants Choco
$310.00 USD
$620.00 USD
Cassidye Shirt Cement
Dries van NotenCassidye Shirt Cement
$292.00 USD
$730.00 USD
Ronnor Coat Pink
Dries van NotenRonnor Coat Pink
$905.00 USD
$1,810.00 USD
Clasen Shirt Grey
Dries van NotenClasen Shirt Grey
$217.50 USD
$435.00 USD
Cassi Shirt Grey
Dries van NotenCassi Shirt Grey
$210.00 USD
$525.00 USD
Cassi Shirt Black
Dries van NotenCassi Shirt Black
$217.50 USD
$435.00 USD
Vonac Bis Jacket Anthracite
Dries van NotenVonac Bis Jacket Anthracite
$702.00 USD
$1,755.00 USD
Clasen Shirt Camel
Dries van NotenClasen Shirt Camel
$217.50 USD
$435.00 USD
Carle Double Sleeve Shirt Navy
Dries van NotenCarle Double Sleeve Shirt Navy
$425.00 USD
Padded Faux Fur Loafers Black
Dries van NotenPadded Faux Fur Loafers Black
$415.00 USD
$830.00 USD
Padded Leather Loafers Black
Dries van NotenPadded Leather Loafers Black
$459.00 USD
$765.00 USD
Panthero Pants White
Dries van NotenPanthero Pants White
$262.00 USD
$655.00 USD

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He's never been interested in becoming a big player in fashion. Instead, Dries Van Noten has always approached work with intentional restraint — creating vibrant and detailed stories through his collections within these bounds.

The Belgian creative director has challenged the conventions of modern luxury through a progressive use of color, cuts, fabric, and embroidery. Bold and playful gram-worthy accessories, psychedelic prints, luxurious fabrics that sit perfectly on the body, and garments rooted in cultural nostalgia are all hallmarks of the brand. Collections are always wearable with a healthy mix of seasonless go-to's and season-ready head turners. Whether you are an emerging padawan in fashion or a hardened master, they are easy additions to your wardrobe.

If you don't know already, Dries Van Noten is part of the legendary "Antwerp Six" — a group of disruptive fashion graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Van Noten launched his self-titled label in the late 80s, quickly garnering attention for his distinct perspective on fashion. Described as deluxe bohemia, collections pull from all aspects of life, designed with an air of rebelliousness. However, the third generation tailor's top priority is always to make his clothes wearable.

Today, clothing is distinguished by the brand's use of fabrics like silk, velvet, extremely light polyesters, and satin. Garments look as good as they feel, using carefully tailored relaxed fits and bold prints to compliment materials. Even more so, Van Noten invites the loosening of gender barriers with the creative director often contrasting feminity against masculine elements in his collections.

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